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Lets just be honest..

I'm a passionate person nobody can see, a spirit tucked away inside a bodily sea, Because I speak strongly through empty eyes, From a soul as old as the illution of time.

I looked in a mirror and wiped the dust from my eyes, I knew truth, but I heard lies when I stared into the soul that reflected a shy light.

Ashes, ashes, stale pale skin, eyes untouched by a physical grip.. Fairy tale was far away, imagination sparked with rage .. and I couldnt see past the light. ...

I use to wish upon a rythm That not even I could understand. it was all that ever churned with passion..Or spoke the words that made a stand.

But that was easily pushed behind in a world of logic and no design and longing for something so devine wore me out I cant deny.

They cant hear the language I speak from my soul, so I didnt speak at all. If they dont know truth, how will they hear it?.. so I made no sounds,

I blocked out what I had known, this was a mistake I made on my own. They had planted the seed of doubt, in that case I doubted myself.... and I was lost... I did not dream. .. I could no longer hear the trees.. and I would not come out of my room.. I wouldnt eat, I forgot the tune.

and when I walked I walked at night because under the sun I was ashamed. My soul was grieving, my spirit so thirsty, I forgot how to be free.

But I came back with an angry heart.. and I remembered How to FLY,.. subconciously I heard a noise that was not like no other lie.

..and I have problems and battle scars that I now fight everyday because there is nothing anymore that comes between I and the dawn of day.

A lot of the times things dont go so well.. and I wonder what went wrong. but i dont know what happends next so I just simply sing along.

My heart is broken, and my mind is so weak. but im tired of pretending, daughter wake from your sleep.


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