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Meeting the dead

I felt like i should share another interesting dream/AP experience.

Last night i had a 1-2 AP sequences and a final astral projection following it (these usually happen). One of the AP sequences was me being on another planet and observing a sunset, the sun was blue and as i was watching it the name "Alalakuban" rang into my etheric body, which may have been the name of the planet, and the other sequence following it the imagery i was seeing began to minimize and was placed on a book page that i found myself reading...and i saw under the picture the caption said "Alalakuban" with some set of digits like 322-05W for example that i thought might be the coordinates of the planet or solar system. The book was huge and got bigger when i closed it. The last sequence to follow, i "woke up" and found myself standing ontop a a large patch of water which i was then walking on, not sinking, walking...and as i raised my head in front of me was a boy with torn up clothes who appeared to be Palestinian (if any of you have followed the recent events taking place in Palestine/Israel) and i looked to my right side to spot his family crying and saying goodbye to him. I looked back at him, which he had raised his hand to shake mine...when that was done, he turned around and said "goodbye"...a few others popped following him who seemed to have died as well and had torn up clothes but no injuries or blood stains. This was happening in a very open field with grass and a sunset (our sun), but i was still standing on water. I truly felt like i was giving my farewells to them, that they were actually souls leaving the planet but retained their human form for the time being and my emotions were really present in that moment, a moment of joy and sadness...that being that they don't have to endure such suffering but at the same time that they had suffered and died in that manner.

I can't tell how all this is connected, but i am aware that there was a Full Moon last night and i may have been projecting inner soul memories, emotions or connections to the spiritual world where i would meet the dead too.


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