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Meditation Celebration

My beloved brothers and sisters, I have noticed an increase in the amount of attacks being orchestrated against those who walk the path of truth and light lately. Whether they be light workers, UFOlogist, Truth Movement channels or websites, you name it, a lot have been attacked simply because they provide free thinking information, or information that will expand your consciousness, information that will plant seeds of knowledge into hearts and minds. These attacks are cowardly and deceptive acts carried out by parasitical criminals of humanity,by those who wish to keep us asleep. They prefer to keep you asleep so that they can continue to spiritually harm society thru force, MANipulation, fraud, and ILLusions. They obviously know that the gig is about to be up for them soon, since they are coming out kicking and screaming. Evidence of this being the increase of slanderous attacks on anyone who dares to share the truth. Attacks on others who are on the path of or are operating in a way in which they are spreading truth and knowledge is coming to an end, and it is coming to an end because we are tired of it.. Let's show them that we are aware of their games, and that they can NO LONGER distract us with their divide and conquer tactics. No more pulling the wool over the sheeps eyes ! They can no longer sway us away from the truth, for the truth is our divine birthright. It is coming, and I know a lot of you can feel it. I would like to organize a mass meditation with the intent of transforming the darkness of these events into light. The lies, manipulation, censorship, and fear that keep us from advancing spiritually no longer has air to breath in our new world of love, acceptance, wealth, health, and peace. Our weapon against this is not protesting, or even debating. Our weapon is meditation or coming together with a UNITED intent. Why do you think they go out of their way to keep us asleep and uninformed with the games they play and misinformation, etc? It is because they know how powerful we are as a collective. They KNOW that when our hearts come together with a united intent, especially if it is done around the same time in unison, that the results are amazing. One of the biggest secrets is our innate power, My suggestion is November 11th however, the date is open to discussion. If your heart guides you to participate in this, please let me know.

Much love to you !!


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