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In mid-2009, I had a very lucid dream that involved a powerful and symbolic message of what was to come. This message was brought by way of the spirit of an uncle who had passed over from the physical material world in early 1996. Before I get into the dream regarding my uncle and the greater message that I wish to convey in this article - allow me to give a very brief background on my uncle and my base connection to him... My uncle Dennis happened to have been the only older male relative that I had spent the most time with, as a child. He used to come over to my mother’s apartment to pick me up, so that I could spend the weekend with his two youngest sons, since we were all close in age. I have memories of my uncle taking us (myself and his two younger sons) to the go-car race track; lots of fun we used to have then! I have very fond memories of my uncle taking us to buy shoes and clothing and so on. I don’t have a lot of memories of verbal communications with my uncle because he wasn’t much of a talker. His presence and facial expressions spoke for him in a way that I have still yet to see in anyone else. He would always have a smile on his face and when he didn’t smile, we knew that something was wrong. He (my uncle) appeared the most intimidating when his is frowning or not in the best of moods for sure! Although, I am from a large family with lots of cousins, it never occurred to me that my uncle seemed to have taken a special interest in me out of all of His nephews. Looking back, I don’t even think that he was consciously aware of why he took a special interest in me. Little did I know at the time, that there was going to be a much deeper connection between my uncle and myself in the long run.

I loved my uncle and had great respect for him because he was a strong and stern man. He was humble, very hard working, insanely committed to his wife (who had passed on 10 years before he had) and a true-blue provider to and for all whom he was responsible for. My uncle had a sense of humor for sure but as previously stated, he could also come across as very intimidating! All of His nieces and nephews were fearful of him, not because he’s done anything like spank us or abuse us – he just had ‘that’ energy about Him! He was so effective and intimidating to us that if he just looked at us a certain way, it would be enough to frighten us back in order! My uncle would be considered average in height but he had a very strong and larger than life presence! Now that I am older and wiser, I really ULTRAstand that my uncle’s power and presence came from his ‘core’ – not his physical persona and of course, the same is true for us all but I digress. Uncle Dennis had an extremely difficult life. He was the oldest of 9 children, who grew up very poor in the rural South of Kingston North Carolina. He was born in 1939 and as one could imagine, he experienced, witnessed and overcame unbelievable obstacles, especially growing up as many would classify or ‘label’ as a ‘poor black person’ in the Jim Crow era.

My uncle lived hard and played even harder and as he aged, it all eventually caught up with him. His health had begun to decline not long after his wife of 30+ years had passed on. He had begun to drink more than usual and he had also began to become more withdrawn from family. We gradually saw him become very grumpy, bitter and angry but none of this changed the love and respect we all had for him; we understood why he was the way he was. Back in 1994, I was not long out of high-school and although I have held down summer jobs, long term jobs, etc., I was unemployed and had no sense of direction during this time. I was still dealing with a lot of hurt, shame, guilt, confusion, insecurity and emotional turmoil from a childhood and past that only one person had some knowledge of at that time. It was at this time, that I was living with my uncle but we rarely spoke or said anything to one another. We just understood one another without saying a word. However, my strongest connection and purpose for living at my uncle at the time was due part to a connection that I had developed in the later years with his only daughter named Debbie. My cousin Debbie and I had grown to be very close at this time because she too was treated as an ‘outcast’ or ‘misfit’ within our expanded family and community. She too was sexually abused and misused by people who should have been protecting her. She was the only person who knew about some of the things that I had gone through in my childhood. So yes, she and I found solace and support in and with one another. At the time, I wasn’t in school or employed... I was wasn't motivated to do anything because I was so very lost and depressed. I really didn’t think I could ever be happy in this world or ever have a 'peace' of mind.

The year was 1995; I have a very clear memory of walking home from a nearby playground and I had run into a long time family friend, who’s still much like a sister to me to this very day. We hugged one another with great glee and joy! Now mind you, this is someone that I had known since the age of eight but we had not seen one another in three years prior to this brief reunion. She said, “Boy, how are you? I haven’t seen you in the longest”… I said, I am ok and how are you? She said “I am fine Boo Boo!” She then said “I ran into your uncle Dennis, the other day and I asked about you and what you were doing and he said (and I quote) ‘He ain’t doing shit and he ain’t gonna be shit”… I then said to her, he really said it, like that? She said, “Yeah, he said it just like that… I wouldn’t lie about something like that” (with a smile on her face)… In that moment, it felt as if my heart sunk into my stomach. I couldn’t believe that she would just come right out and tell me this… Even more-so, I couldn’t believe that my uncle would say such a thing about me. Already dealing with tremendous sadness, loneliness and depression and now hearing of this from someone that I really respected and admired, really sent me into a downward spiral to the point of having increased thoughts of suicide. My thought process was; 'well, I already feel like I don’t matter in this world. I can’t relate to this world and the one other person that I look up to and have respect for, next to my mother, (my mom and I didn’t get along well during this time) thinks I am nothing, I may as well be dead'.

Although a lot had occurred from the previous timeline to the present, I would like to now fast forward this story to the year of 2009. I was more confident, focused and willing to take risks and chances in my life. I recall having very intense urges and thoughts to quit a very well paying job for what most people would consider a very respectful and reputable agency. Although, I had taken all that had occurred to me in the past and defied the odds by attaining social and economic success with only a high-school education and ‘some’ college level courses -, I KNEW that I wasn’t fulfilling my greater purpose. I continued to go to my 'well paying' job but wasn’t happy or felt any fulfillment doing none of itl.. In fact, I got to the point of literally hating the job and the agency but still I kept forcing myself to just ‘make that money’ and sustain a 'material' comfortable life and life-style. I also loved having the finacial means of helping others but even this advantage was causing me to re-think of ways to detaching from my employment situation at the time... The 'inner conflict' was trying to force a circle to fit into a square. As I have stated in videos in the past, if we have a purpose and calling pulling on us and we ignore it, the ALL or universe has a way of forcing our hand. When it occurs in this way, it usually goes down in the most unpleasant of ways. In 2009, at my place of employment; new management was hired and they were brought in to restructure the organization. I was a Supervisor/Manager of the department that I ran and had practically built and managed single-handedly for almost two years. To make a long story short, new management came on-board and there was great tension between higher and mid-level management and I ultimately got caught in the middle. This eventually led to a calculated effort to move me out of the way or better yet, ‘fire’ me. In a nutshell, I was set up and made to look like ‘a bad’ guy and this lead to the company that I work for letting me go. Ironically, I had 3 other job offers already on the table, so I didn’t fret. I figured that I would simply take 2 months off from working; live off of my savings and get back into the game. I wasn’t prepared for all three very promising job offers to fall through! I tried to apply for unemployment insurance but due to filing so late in conjunction to my previous employer citing “insubordination” as the reason for my termination, I couldn’t get any unemployment. So, I began applying for jobs right and left. I began calling old friends and acquaintances because we all knew that it’s not always about ‘what’ you know but ‘who’ you know when it comes to landing a job. I must have applied for hundreds of jobs in the first 2 months of being unemployed. It seemed that nothing I could do or would do to get work would happen. I went to job fairs and even had a Human Resource Supervisor who took a special interest in me and couldn't understand why I had such difficulties finding work? She worked every possible angle to get me work! She was very consistent and stayed in contact with me... In fact, I met her in 2010 and she still sends me an email every now and then, just to check up on me but I digress... She did come very close in landing me a position. I had a panel interview; pending an job opportunity that was tied up in a government contract. Yes, we came very close but just when I was about to be hired, the contract for the position got canceled. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong but with an extra W in the ‘wrong’… My life-savings was quickly dwindling because I continued to pay my mortgage and bills on time from my savings (I took great pride in my high credit scores and defying the odds in the material world). This is where I will now share the core of what this story is about.

After four months of being unemployed and dealing with all of the road-blocks and anomalies of the material world… I had a lucid dream whereas the spirit of my uncle showed up. He took me to this massive beach front. There were people walking around but my attention was completely focused on Him. I remembered Him saying that he was sorry for the words that he used that caused me hurt but it had to happen this way because it’s for a greater good. He appeared to be the physical form that I remembered him being on earth but he was definitely taller; projecting tremendous power and wisdom. He was very articulate (my uncle had a speech impairment as a human on earth) and controlled. In fact, his mouth never moved because all of what he had communicated to me was telepathic and I fully understood. I remember him putting his left hand on my shoulder and he then said... “Continue to be brave, brace myself for some of the greatest challenges that you have ever experienced.” As he was communicating this thought to me, the ocean literally began to welt up and come in towards the beach front that we were standing on - it was a tsunami! I remember shifting my consciousness from the experiencer to the observer. The tsunami was aggressively coming in towards us! It appeared to be about 20 ft high and I could clearly see debris and sharks in it! Just when the Tsunami was about to fall on top of us and everyone on the shore, my uncle (as his left hand was still on my left shoulder; looking directly into my eyes), quickly put out his right arm and hand, as to signal in a STOP motion - in the direction of the incoming gigantic wave and it all literally froze and stopped in mid air! Even the people who were running about and around us had stopped as well… He then said, “You too can do what you see here” and he said “trust in the power that you have within” and I felt an intense shift of energy inside and I opened my eyes! I could still feel his energy and presence when I sat up on the bed.

My uncle visited me to bring some clarity as to why my past had to be the way it was and to prepare me for the journey that I was slated to from that moment onward. Just about every kind of hardship, loss and struggle one could imagine fell upon me all at one time at the ‘wrong’ time (or so it seemed). My uncle was showing me through this lucid dream and vision that I was standing at the shores of my material, esoteric and metaphysical tsunami and would be challenged to the max in the process. If I were to share everything that I have had to go through and deal with from that period to now, I am sure that most of you would be surprised at how I was able to forge ahead in the way that I have. I share this story for several reasons… The first and main reason is to inspire everyone out there to never accept that you are your circumstance… Never define yourself by where you are in life, be it economically, mentally or socially. NEVER, think that you are alone in anything that you are going through. Being spiritual, successful or whatever does not exempt anyone from challenges, hardship and struggle – those are to come for sure but it is how we choose to maneuver during these times that truly makes it easier or harder to cope with. In fact, it is those who have the most challenges and overcome them, who are among the most advanced on a soul level. “To much is given, much is required” is what comes to mind, sharing the aforementioned because its those who have experienced and overcome the hardest of ALL, who are in the best position to be beckons of light for those who have yet to develop the tools needed to find their own unique way and path. Last but not least, my reason for sharing this article is to allow my story to be a reminder that just because your life isn’t going the way you want it, does not mean that you are off track! This is a misnomer that’s all too common in the spiritual, religious or conscious community. Sometimes, it’s those things that we don’t want – that we must receive in order to ultimately reach or achieve what we want. A diamond in the ruff isn’t something that we can just go and find, just by wanting it. It takes a lot of searching and toiling in the fields to find one. To shape a diamond into fruition requires a lot f bending, breaking and molding of the elements that produces those diamonds. We are all like diamonds in the ruff and the most shining and beautiful examples will be those of us who came by way of over coming the harshness and brutality of the elements! Even as I type this article, I am truly humbled but marvel at how much I’ve endured and have overcome in lieu of insane odds. All of the things that I have been through has lead me to the person you see today! I am standing in my purpose! True, I don’t have the financial foundation and support that I used to have when I was working a 9 to 5 but I can honestly say that even in lieu of all of the hardships, pain, loss, sacrifice -- others lying on me, dishonor, fraud, etc., I have never felt so accomplished, purposeful and having peace of mind as I do today.

In closing, my uncle came to visit me in another lucid dream very recently and the last thing he said to me was “You now KNOW more than me”… He was for speaking or communicating to and about me on a core level but it was reassurance of a job well done. My tsunami is finally dwindling and I am cleaning up the debris, as I continue to inspire, encourage, empower any or all who are receptive, in a way that even more effective than ever before!

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