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Light workers in New York

Hello Hello friends my name is Akeem Green Potter Unique name I know I

am 20 years old and was raised in Navarre FL, Im a Aquarius ,CHill Person!

Anyway I have been living in Queens New york for awhile I have been attending Nassau Community College and i have just been growing as the days go by mentally , physically and spiritually.I live with my older cousin adn his best friend they are both older then me and not really into all the stuff I am into which amounts to martial arts, kung fu moives, spirituality ,yoga, music I can play guitar and bass guitar and little harmonica and I try to sing alittle, working out and just having fun.

Anyway the reason for this blog is I DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS !!! lol Actually I have made very lasting friendships thanks to this site Stepintomyworld, Satty, AstralBoobaby, Eerie, Adrain, have all been great !!! I would bring them fruit cakes if we were neighbors.

Anyway this post is if anyone is in New York and I dunno want to walk in the park and talk take a yoga class or something I am down.I really want some friends who are vedry aware of the reality that we live in but all in all just good people who knows maybe we are met to meet!

Anyway hit me up with a email ill send you my number or something and like chit chat and take it from there!

ALl and all I love all of you and I truly wish you all the best in everything you do ! Keep blogging searching and changing this world for the better my fellow lightworkers!

And ill see you in this reality and the next

MUch love , Nmaste, Peace

and laters

Akeem Potter


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