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Life is a dream.

Here's an epiphany i had a year ago, i'm sure this is review for some, but i just wanted type this out in words for clarity, rather than leaving it a soupy mess in my scrambled human mind.

Your life is a dream.

There's a red apple right next to you (no joke). The light coming from outside, or the lamp, hits the apple, and every color besides red is absorbed into the apple, and red is reflected back. Your eyes pick up this light and convert it into electrical signals through the optic nerve, and that is the apple that you are seeing. The apple you see is a mere interpretation [of what's actually there?].

And this goes for all senses. Anything you see, hear, taste, touch, and or smell [is] are electrical signals in our brains (from a scientific, empiricist view point). This can be the apple, the chair, your body, the stars or the Universe. The "Universe" part may sound.. extreme, but we know it exists, we are part of it, yes??

So you can agree that everything exists within your mind, yes?? We live in a world of mind-over-matter. But with that being said, when we go to sleep, and dream at night, all we're seeing are electrical signals in our brains, right?? hmm... :X did that ring a bell?? What's the difference then??

We go to sleep at night, we dream, and if lucid we can [to some extent] do whatever we want, we can fly, walk on water, or pull wooden pancakes out from the exhaust pipes of purple toasters. In our waking reality dream, should we not be able to do all these kinds of things?? Perhaps it's because of the beliefs (or lies) that have been ingrained into our minds and passed on from generation to generation, and after all, we are co-creators of this reality, yes?? This is seriously reminding me of Sonia Barrett's You're in a Virtual Game, you know, with the wiring and programming of the human mind?? If we're beguiled and taking all of these 3D "rules" up the ass, then altogether we must be co-creating the world based on what we've all been taught... yeahh, power scares me hahaha

Really we're just entering our own (or "their") input into the matrix of existence, where the sum of all of our beliefs create the outcome of what we call "reality". It's supposed to be a

So if Life=Mind

and Dream= Mind

then Life= Dream, and now that you know that your life is a big dream (with endless possibilities), than you must be Lucid now, yes?? in other words, awaken??


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