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Johni Abrim/ALL

On the night of September 5, 2013

This is far back in time. At the time, where his father paid a dowry for the children who were getting married.

There would come a young man and look at me and my sister. (She stood first in the "row" because she was the oldest)

We stood at the well. (Round, built by battle place and at a height so we could sit on it).

I saw their crest. There were ALL in the middle.

His surname was Abrim and he had black curly hair. His name was Johni.

He came to the well and his aura / field was filled with peace. His presence made ​​me whole. I felt really strong. and I screamed in my mind: Take me / choose me!


I know 'how an angel's presence feels, how it fills a' but it never made me whole. Johni Abrim presence made ​​me whole.

I turned up the name on the net today and seen that the name actually exist in Saudi Arabia, where I also estimated he came from because of his appearance.

Comments are welcome.


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