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Have any of you guys noticed that the Facebook icon for 'likes', which can be found underneath original vlogs, videos and forums, as well as our website is constantly defaulting back to 0 (zero)?' One of my short original videos had '46 likes' at one point but now, its back down to '0 likes'... I have reported this matter to Webs technical support and they have informed me that they have no control over this, that its a Facebook function. You guys already know that I have more than enough proof that Youtube is suppressing video view counts and subscriptions (I feel that they have some kind of software that tracks and supresses channels with a certain type of content)... I am not surprised by none of this but I am starting to feel that Facebook may have this website on some sort of 'black-mail' or suppressive list? I already know that the Department of Homeland Security, has this site listed as a 'potential security threat to your computer' (covert form of censorship) on web-browsers and applications and is even fire-walled in some places... Any way, have you guys heard of this happening before or do you have any ideas how or why this occurs?

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