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Intake of Peace

Why do simple things anger you so?

Have you no where for that pain to go?

Cancel it out to at least make it neutral.

Hold on to your reasoning or you'll fall.

You need an intake of peace.

Stop with the violence and screaming.

Whatever happened to all that wishing and dreaming?

I understand you might be hurting.

That's no excuse for your thought to be deserting.

Give yourself an intake of peace.

Stand still and allow your breath to go deep.

Find your calming in the wavering of your sleep.

There is always a chance to discover your unique design.

Let the stars help you be one with space and time.

You'll feel it with an intake of peace.

Take this nightmare and with the love you find convert it.

With the new beauty the outcome will be worth it.

You will be smiling more than you did in the past.

Since you've reserved your spirit and mind to last.

Open up to the intake of peace.


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