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Im the nightmare

I've noticed in my dreams I seem to have a different personality then in waking life. In waking life im a very sweet caring, even a bit over sensitive person. Im the peacemaker I just want everyone to get along. And I try to see the good in every person even if they make it almost impossible to do.

Now my dreams are a totally different story....

In my dreams Im usually the BEAST. I kill at will for the slightest thing without a second thought. For instance last night I was having a seemingly long dream. Which I remained sad and hurt thoughout the dream. In the dream this young girl ask me to do something and when I dont comply she calls me the "B" word. So I begin to chace her and she totally vanishes from the dream. And I know for a fact if I would have caught her I would have killed her in a most violent way. I have noticed in different dreams figures staring from a distance at me. Now you know how you have like an instinct in your dreams like a person may be your brother but doesnt look like your brother, but you know that's who its suppose to be off of instinct? Well these beings or people I will see huddled watching waiting to turn the dream into a nightmare and give me chace will all of suddon take chace and run from me. Im always fighting demons in my dreams. And sometimes im protecting people I love. (The hero role)

I have been able to lucid dream since I was a child. And even sometimes in the lucid dreams Im a bully and will kill for no reason. Im seriously a socialpath when I dream. Im so connected to the animal side of me. But that's not who I really am. In real life if I argue with someone and say something to hurt there feelings it wil bother me for the longest time, I just feel so bad. I find it facinating how the mind works and what it is trying to tell us about ourselves.


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