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I often use the word ‘illusion’ to describe the world that we see or ‘think’ we see to be reality. I don’t recall giving a detail explanation as to what I mean when I’ve used the term or word ‘illusion’ to describe our world. So, what do I really mean when I speak of ‘illusions’ in this regard? To think that you are just a flesh and bone, physical vessel is an ‘illusion’ because the truth is that you, we are so much more than that! To think that what we are taught in the schools is ‘education’ is an ‘illusion’ because those who run the matrix has the ‘real education’ – the vast majority are taught ‘programs’, ‘commands’ and ‘definitions’ (social engineering) to work under or within the matrix. To think or believe that we are solid is an ‘illusion’ because we are not really solid – in fact, nothing is but the mind creates the ‘illusion’ of solidity… Reality is far more fluid than meets the mind’s eye. Race, sex and economic situation are ALL ‘illusions’ because the core of who you are is beyond these extremely limited, temporal compartments and designations. One of the greatest 'illusions' of them all is beLIEving that we are 'free', when in fact slavery and enslavement still exists but moreso in an institutionalized, spiritual, mental and psychological way.

When I speak of ‘illusions’ I am addressing the things that most people believe in or buying into what they ‘perceive’, ‘think’, or ‘beLIEve’ to be the true and only facts of reality. Many are in for a huge surprise for buying into the program and notion that what we ‘see’ is truly what we are getting. The human eyes are connected to the brain and it is a scientific fact that it can only decode a small fractal of light (information) that is in and around us… Throw in the fact that most of us aren’t even using the full capacity of our brains at 100% maximum performance and we will begin to grasp just how much the human mind and vessel is being MANipulated into accepting and believing in so many ‘illusions’… Even a magician can easily demonstrate how simple it is to deceive the human eyes -- now image what highly evolved spiritual and cosmic forces can do to the human mind and psyche? STOP and THINK…. To truly see beyond the ‘illusions’ of this world and to connect the dots – we most learn to see through our ‘higher mind’s’ eye and feel with our core and not the flesh. When we broadcast, transmit and receive only through physical biological computer, (the lower animal self), we believe in the many ‘illusions’ of this game we call life. Don’t get me wrong, although what we ‘see’ from the physical mind’s eye are ‘illusions’, our thoughts, feelings and energies that we generate from the interactions within this land of illusion ARE real! This is how and why we are literally creating our next life based on how we think, live and believe in this one. The physical world is an illusion but the ‘unseen’ that most are not even consciously aware of is the ‘reality’… Just imagine the implications here!

This is my roundabout explanation of what I mean by the term ‘illusion’ whenever you hear me use it within the context of a forum, blog or forum discussion. However, I wish to share another Being’s perspective regarding the term ‘illusion’… This perspective comes by way of one of the ‘featured network links’ on the home page; Blue Star Speaks. Every now and then, I will chime in and read articles by way of the network of links provided and will find a resonance so strong that I am compelled to share it with the greater community. The ‘Blue Star’ explanation totally resonate with much of my own revelations for sure! Check out this link and of course, provide any comments of feedback on the matter IF you feel ‘inspired’ to do so.


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