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I'm the only one that's aware in my family

I've gotten out of the web that religion has tied me into. My Uncle is a bible literalist, he believes that Adam and Eve caused usto fall from grace and we lost all mental capabilities. He believe inthe locusts of Revelation and the Lake of Fire , people will startdisappearing etc. I'm a universalist as far as salvation isconcerned. The true purpose of hell is not for punishment per se' butit for purification.

I did a heck of a lot of research and I saw that somethings areanalogies, metaphors and allegories. Then the teachings that Jesus taught, love others the way I loved you. "Love others unconditionally"

After doing my own research through other people's near death experiences and the knowledge that they bought back, and watching The Spirit Science series has help me a lot.

Most people in my family has fallen victim to the outside activity. The second coming of Christ is about us. The age of the Christ Consciousness is here. Over it time will manifest within us. God is going to seperate the good from the bad, The Day of Judgment etc, is the churches and man-made concepts of God.

After December 21st when I learn how to interchange dimensions,they're going to be scared out of their wits. I don't want to be around them as they attract stuff like that.

We're about to remember these abilities that Luciferians preventedus from doing 13,000 years ago.

We can worship God if we like but we're saved by emulating him aswell and taking up our own cross.

(My family then said the Bible says this and Bible says that, I'm willing to believe what man says?. I said yes, people had piercedboth sides of the veil (NDEs).We pierce the veil every night when wesleep we just don't remember. (AP, OBE) They refute me every step ofthe way.

They all mean well honestly, they've just given into fear, most don't understand what they're reading.

There's only two real religions, one of love and one of fear. All of the different religions ultimately leads back to the same God. (Different souls took on different lessons). My aunt is trying to see and expand her awareness, when I broke a few things down to her. (She has had a few flying dreams and other things that's related to astral travel)

I had my first OBE when I was 9 after being struck by a car, I saw myself from above myself until help arrived but I didn't quite understand what was going on back at that time. I started questioning my teachings when I was 11 years old. I started hypothesizing when I was13, 14 years old. I When I was 14 I knew that it was possible to control your dreams, to project your consciousness and go otherplaces. If you meditate and become focused enough. I had my first conscious astral projection when I was 20.

It's been quite a spiritual journey for me. Full of twists andturns, dogma and guilt but I've finally found my rightful place andI'm comfortable as far as spirituality goes. (I still look for, process and integrate information as I see or feel a resonance.

Other people say that I study too much and I need better social life, no sorry they've exiled me countless times through out all of my life and I've had too many false friends. (This was a blessing indisguise, it lead me to be a loner and to do my own research).

A friend from my family is a hard wired left brained thinker. He says this is all that I have (he doesn't believe in life after death nor reincarnation) and I'm chasing after a fantasy. I replied, Somedreams can and do come true and fact is stranger than fiction. I havevery few friends that are in my circle that loves me for me.(Including my spiritual practices)

I had an operation when I was 23 due to a genetic disorder and I've been in a wheelchair ever since for the past 3 years.

(I'm glad that I can still astral travel, I've lost my ability to consciously do it 2 years after my operation) People who knew me from school that are totally unaware said that I got the short end of the stick in life. (to put it mildly). From their perspective that istrue and I used to think the same thing but I know now from my perspective that, that is not true. I'm a forerunner for what's getting ready to happen, they're all still sleep walking, oblivious to what's going on around them.

But no one is never lost to the light, if they don't get it in this incarnation, they'll keep on returning to 3rd density until the do.

I'll await that time when I merge with my higher self aspect and ascend. I try to keep my energy field charged with love.


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