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higher sensitive people vs lower sensitive people.

greetings family, i thought id share a blog on a topic that has kept me curious for a little time now. ''The gift of sensitivity'' i have come to see that natural born talent comes from the amount of senarios one can percieve simutaneously. Through investigation and experience i have broken it down to how much light one can percieve through their perreferial surroundings which manifests as multiple frames of active past, present and future possible scenarios. i would comfortably say a higher brain function would instantly give one, more passage to higher sensitivity ultimately giving them a higher vibration and understanding of all emotions such as love, pain etc. i have stumbled into many situations where i am able to see life through other peoples experience, which has been a great eye opener, becuase being a walker of truth, knowledge, wisdom and spirituality i wasnt able to keep up in other peoples worlds of happiness even though they did not practice any form of disciplne, this would allow me a sense of direction. This brings me to some questions, who is more happier? the lower sensitive people or the higher sensitive people? the ones that practice spiritual discipline or the one that is naturally gifted that has no form of spiritual discipline? the one who has more physical happiness or the one who has more spiritual happiness? love to all.SUNRAH


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