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he color of the glasses can be changed automatically with the strength of the sun deep or shallow.

A spectacle. Can be used to play it cool. At the same time, it is a way to block the sun's rays glasses. Sunglasses sunglasses, it is also known as the Labor Insurance cheap oakleys supplies to protect the eyes in bright light. Wearing such lenses can block ultraviolet and infrared, while the color of the external environment does not change, only the change in light intensity, as if cloudy, cool, comfortable feeling. Itself mainly by the absorption of light to achieve the purpose cheap oakley sunglasses of reducing intensity of sunlight. Different colored glass compound, made of different colors of sunglasses, they absorb different wavelengths of light. Usually in the room is a colorless, transparent, and exposure to the sun, quickly turned into gray or other colors. The color of the glasses oakleys outletcan be changed automatically with the strength of the sun deep or shallow. This is due to the mirror of the film by adding a small amount of silver halide as a photosensitive agent, trace amounts of copper for the sake of the sensitizer. This automatic adjustment of light and dark lenses made of the degree of vision correction lenses can grind, suitable for use in patients with myopia oakley sunglasses outlet and hyperopia. Unfortunately degrees can not exceed ± 3 diopters (commonly known as 300 degrees), because the degree and then a big, significant differences between the center and edge thickness, greatly different color shades glasses.


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