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Having a hard time

Hi Family :)Hope you are all having a good day/evening - This have been pretty intense for me for the past few days- I MUST be extreamly sensitive during meditation or doing anything spiritual- I have been doing grounding and Healing meditation they seem to help but finding i get pulled into a trance too EASY and i just pull away- For the past few weeks i have been feeling a bit lost really spacey- It's like i don't think anymore through the day if i dont have to, Anytime i can snap my fingers and 'Intense Vibrations Head to Feet' It's just that easy and "SNAP" Turn it off "only slighly" - I just restored my IPHONE unintentionally just by my hands i just killed it by accident. I am feeling this is quite Serious- this is not fun when i think will i hurt my Daughter or my husband. I sit and cry so hard - I wonder is this is what it is going to be like for the rest of my life- is my brain is being Rewired?- Visions going toooo fast, ONLY at night time there is Thumping in my right ear until i am deaf- This all has happened to me spontaneous over the years- Years ago i couldn't put my left arm down for a week - if i did I get a electrocution Arc inside around my side to the middle of my chest from my spine- The doctor didn't know what was wrong with me- I was hooked up on a heart monitor and everything came back normal- just to be sent home with them saying it's a pinched nerve- I just had this same feeling not to long ago - this is definetly a heart chakra kick start- I am sorry to burden you all with my yanging but venting is great for healing - I am off to the beach tomorrow for a sunday family day great day for a full aura salt cleanse- It going to be a high 27 degrees and it's only spring- sheesh- bring on summer Dry 40 degree + heat without a fan to screach at me- I feel it is going to be a doozy of a summer- I am finally off to bed- Have a Beautiful day / evening to all the family:) hugggs


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