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I was having a discussion with a very spiritual and ‘awakened’ brother earlier today and we got into a conversation on how the opposing shadow forces pushes and MANipulate humanity into extremes (EX-STREAMS) in order to cancel out any chance of US becoming fully balanced and SELFrealized. One main element to this is the global MANipulation and control of the masculine and feminine principals. The discussion inevitably lead us into the so called ‘gay agenda’ that certain 'special interest' groups, have been speaking of for some time now. It is at this point that I made a distinction between the ‘gay agenda’ and the higher order of things and that is this; ‘gay agenda’ or not, there are so called ‘gays’ who were born to take this role as gatekeepers of the higher realms. I further explained why I have felt the way that I do for a very long time and it was at this point that he said, “you must have read Malidoma Some’s book”... I was like, who? I never heard of him and he then said, "Really? You've never heard of Malidoma Some'’? Just about everything that you said about the plight and purpose of gay people is almost identical to what Malidoma wrote in His book!” Then I replied; ‘well, I must look further into this person and His works’ and sure enough, I searched this person on Yahoo and found an article/interview on Him and there it was; almost everything that I have said and have been saying for years! There it was, the words and thoughts from a deeply spiritual brother whose connected with some of the most advanced indigenous tribes-men on the planet; the Dogon tribe! This was definitely synchronicity in action!

Some of you may be aware of a vlog that I had done on Youtube entitled “FAGGOT” where I touched on how a perception of being too effeminate or ‘soft’ (above all else) made me an outcast and misfit in a community that put tremendous valued on hyper-male sexuality and masculinity… I had done a part 2 to that original video entitled “JUST LISTEN (FAGGOT 2) and it was in this video that I made a point to state that if gays and lesbians didn’t exist to pick up on the global imbalances, we and the earth would not be here! The point was to expose the hidden and suppressed truth that the ‘authentic’ gay man/woman is really a guardian and gatekeeper between mother earth and the spirit and higher realms! Sadly, due to the extreme persecution, vilification and ignorance that is projected towards the so called ‘gays’ too many of them have lost their way and the connection to their center (which leads them to the gateway that we are connected to). Its so ironic, that Western society perceive gays as the curse and potential threat that will destroy societies but this mindset stems from a serious lack of understanding when it comes to gender, spirituality, metaphysics and the nature of reality. So I am sharing this blog, information and revelation with you all because I am fully aware that we have members who are struggling with what they feel in their hearts vs. the programming of Western society and organized religion. I realize that true empowerment comes from the unconditional love of SELF against all odds and once we do this; our purpose and job in life can be fully realized! Below is the actual article and I do hope that all my family and friends who have internalized self-hatred be inspired and remember that YOU TOO matter, more than you can ever imagine! Find your mark family and STAY connected!


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