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God Cares

My office was moving to a new location and my boss was too cheap to hire a professional moving company. The employees had to move the office from one location to another. I was totally not with it, but I have a lot of responsibility so there was no way I could not be involved. Once getting to the new location, I was having a rough time settling in and wanted out of this job a.s.a.p. It became too much for me to bear. So I took a break and walked to the park across the street. I stopped and got a doughnut and cup of coffee which I very rarely consume, but I was stressed and wanted to cry. I sat down in the park, it was gloomily and I was feeling like crap, but that didn’t stop me from trying to raise my spirits. By the way, I’m located in NYC, and it’s not rare to meet people on the street trying to sell you something and/ or anything to make some money. This lady walks up to me in the park, she selling individual poems to raise money to publish a book of poems. She was wanted to read it to me first and then I could make a decision on if I wanted to buy it for $2. Me being the Pisces that I am (I’m thinking, my day can’t get any worse than it already it is…LOL) I said sure with a smile of course. She reads the title of the poem “God Cares” I swear I almost broke down crying right in front of her. That poem was exactly what I needed. I brought the poem and she dated and signed it. So I sat in the park a little while longer and I said okay God I hear you loud and clear. I know you sent that women to me, and I get it. I looked back to see where that lady went, but she was gone. The sun shined directly on me in the middle of the park. I was stunned but the warmth of the sun it was revitalizing; almost like a warm hug. When I left that park, I could not stop smiling nothing could get me down. I wonder have others experienced something like this before. I’m no stranger to having odd things happen to me. I do know that we are not alone, and there is always someone there who has our back whether it’s God, Angels, Spirits etc. you just have to take time out and speak what’s in your heart. Thanks for reading 


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