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From That Single Sees

You think that planting one seed doesn't matter.

But it changes the world's stature.

A sapling becomes a tree which becomes a wood.

Then it all looks very good.

From that single seed you could save lives.

You thought a drop of water can't go much farther.

You'd be surprised how much it would mean to the Sahara.

A drop becomes a puddle becomes a lake.

That is the difference it can make.

From that tiny drop of water you can quench thirst.

You believed a stick was worthless.

It is more than a piece of wood in the earth to us.

A stick becomes a plank becomes a home.

One which a needing family can rightfully own.

From that simple stick you could provide shelter.

You just assumed a penny would be a waste.

After a while it could save a whole human race.

A penny becomes a pound becomes a cheque.

You can make this difficulty correct.

From that single seed you can change the world.


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