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Frequenty Asked Questions About Astral Projection and/or Out Of Body Experiences (OBE)

Q. Why do some people astral project and others can't?

A. The reason why some people are more sensitive to their ‘conscious’ astral projection and OBE’s experiences in contrast to others, varies from person to person. Factors involved are; our inherent differences in sensitivity; level of openness, beliefs, fears, diet and stress levels. Other factors such as; drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and the abuse of sexual energy affects one’s ability to not only astral project but to perceive or interact with anything beyond our physical construct. These aforementioned variables (depending on which applies to each individual) can and does affect our ability to not only astral project but broadcast or perceive or experience anything beyond our third-density mind-construct. Most people who consciously or spontaneously astral project tend to disengage in as many vices in this regard. Those of us who have these experiences tend to have very opened minds, very sensitive, intuitive and have a more ‘balanced’ way of conducting or daily lives. So in gist, everyone can astral project or have an OBE but many are holding onto low-vibratory vices that prevent the ‘conscious’ unlocking of their multidimensional potential.

Q. How do we know that our astral projection and out of body experiences isn't real or not?

A. Anyone who has ever experienced an astral projection (AP) or out of body experience (OBE) will attest that the experience is unmistakably real. One literally feels a very powerful separation and distinct sensation of weightlessness of the astral body in contrast the denser physical body. The experiences occur in first person, in the same way in which we perceive our so-called ‘wake-3D state’ but what we can see and do is far beyond third density constructs. These experiences are accompanied by the universal description of vibrations, buzzing, humming; the blowing of wind, hearing voices and other unique or strange sounds. The other factor of truth is that AP’s and OBE’s testimonies and stories are well documented and described identically throughout human history, by people of all walks of life. If these events were of the ‘imagination’ or the result of some kind of sleep paralysis, then surely the experience would be far more rare and vast in description by the person who’s experiencing it. Since the latter is not the case, one would have to conclude that this is a real experience that’s inherent to our consciousness. Astral projection and OBE’s are very personal experiences and could never be really proven by way of a third party. Experience is and will always be the best teacher when it comes to this subject matter and the beauty is that anyone can learn a technique and experience this life-altering, profound truth for themselves.

Q. Is it true that I a demon can come in and take my body while I am out astral projecting?

A. This is probably the most frequently asked question of them all. The physical body nor the astral body can't be harmed or controlled while we are astral projecting. There are mechanisms within the body electric that prevents such an attempt. So in gist, it is metaphysically impossible for another Being or entity to jump into another person’s body without having an identical vibratory match. There are stories and situations where Beings can ‘switch places’ with a soul, should and if she/he is for whatever reason unable to fulfill their earthly mission. In cases such as these, there is a soul level agreement between all parties for this trade-off or exchange to occur… The ‘incoming’ being must acclimate his/her vibratory rate to the same frequency as the host that he/she is merging with and this takes careful planning and coordination to occur. So, there is no such thing as a Being simply showing up and instantly taking over one’s body the minute they astral project.

Q. Can a demon possess me while I am having an astral projection experience or OBE?

A. I will not deny the fact that possession is possible. However, we must understand that possession occurs within the mind, not the physical vessel or astral body. Therefore, should someone become ‘possessed’ by another force – it is likely due to the individual’s vibratory state of consciousness that had invited and permitted such an event to take place to begin with. There is no need or concern about mind possession, so as long as we do not willingly invite a spirit or entity inside our minds or engage in excessive low-vibratory thought projections, rituals and practices are far more likely to manifest a possession scenario.

Q. When one is astral projecting, does one still experience the physical body?

The physical body is not necessarily apart of the astral projection experience per se but its physical presence (in most cases) can still be felt most of the times because a part of our consciousness remains with our physical form, as we explore. I would be remiss if I were not to add that there may be moments when one may loose all connection or sense of the physical body.

Q. What happens when you open your physical eyes during an astral projection?

If one is able to open their physical eyes during an astral projection experience, this will certainly awaken the physical vessel, shift our mind’s focus and could snap the astral body back. We must keep in mind that we are not seeing through the lens of the physical eyes during an astral projection experience – we are seeing through the ‘third eye’ so to speak, anything otherwise will trump this experience.

Q. Do you just naturally AP or can you also induce it (i.e. wanting to do an AP)?

Everyone naturally astral projects from time to time but most are not consciously aware or in control. Therefore, it is safe to say that this is a natural occurrence. Children (babies and animals) astral project naturally and typically remember their journey and experiences, they become conditioned like most adults to disconnect from this conscious knowing. Anyone can consciously induce a ‘conscious’ astral projection with the right technique, patience, dedication and preparation.

Q. Music, do you play it before AP? If not, then how do you keep your 5 senses from receiving signals that can disturb an AP?

Soft relaxing music or binaural beats have been used by many people in order to achieve an astral projection experience. However, as with anything ‘one size or technique’ doesn’t fit all. Therefore, the best ways to discover what technique that will best help us to relax our physical bodies for an astral projection experience is to experiment with different techniques until we find one that works. I highly recommend that people develop a meditation technique in order to control and quiet the mind before applying any astral projection techniques.

Q. Is it possible to determine one's frequency?

If we were to pay attention to the vibratory rate of the astral body, this would give us some indication of our frequency. For instance, if the astral body is buzzing and moving very slowly and is accessing realms that are heavy or uneasy in some way, this is an indication of a lower-frequency. On the contrary, if the astral body is vibrating and moving and flying out and about at lighting speeds and accessing happy, joyful and beautiful planes, this is an indication of a higher frequency. As of now, there is no scientific way of measuring our vibratory frequency but if we were to pay attention to the realms that we access and how much resistance we may come across during each experience, this will give us an idea of where we are in this regard.

Q. What books do you recommend reading?

I don’t have any books that I could recommend about astral projection but I do recommend two of my all-time favorate books and they are;

Seat of the Soul, by Gary Zukav.

As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen

Q. In one of your videos you mention that masturbation to someone of a lower vibratory index can or will lower your own frequency. Can you say if masturbation in itself lowers one's frequency?

If one masturbate with a clear mind or is not focusing his or her attention on someone or something else to experience an orgasm, this could be deemed as a neutral experience. However, doing so may still weaken the base chakra. Also, realize that although our thoughts may be neutral during this experience, there still may be a parasitic entities in or around who could consume your energy and become attached to you as a result.

Q. Likewise, does masturbation to someone with a higher vibratory index raise one's frequency?

Yes, two people of like-minds and with a mutual positive intent to express love, bonding, oneness or mutual pleasure, can engage in masturbation and give one another positive charges and raise their vibrations in the process.

Q. How real is the Astral environment for you? Would you say it's as real as 'reality', or perhaps even more real? I've heard mixed experiences from people.

The astral world is much like how we experience our current 3D state… It’s all in first person but everything that we see and feel is in high definition! There are no limitations, only those that we put on ourselves and yes, a great many of the experiences are more real, than what most would consider reality to be. For some people, the experience may seem more dream-like but the variables that make our perception of the experiences one way or another, will be largely based on one’s level of awareness, frequency and intent.

Q. Have you noticed an increased psychic function in your regular/every day life because of AP?

Yes! I have and many other people report that things like clairvoyance become more developed when projecting often. Others become highly intuitive, psychic and have an inner ‘knowing’ of information (past, present and future) that one may not be consciously aware of how they are coming to their conclusions. If one was already multi-sensory, (including remote viewing) prior to consciously astral projecting – their abilities can become heightened after experiencing ‘conscious’ astral projection.

Q. Can the silver cord be severed?

To the best of my knowledge, the silver chord cannot be severed due to protective mechanisms that are in place. The chord detaches from the physical vessel ONLY upon the end (or death) of the dense physical form.

Q. Why do you from time to time look to the right in your videos?

The ‘right’ is symbolic of ‘righteousness’ and it is where I receive my information. I guess you could say that I am channeling from my higher self in this way.

Q. What would you say how much alcohol is of detriment to astrally project?

If one drinks alcohol to the point of loosing focus and control of their motor skills – we know that this is a detriment and will certainly prevent anything of consciousness, let alone an astral projection experience. I personally do not see how alcohol would or could be used to help a positive astral projection experience.

Q. I get these strong tingling vibrations and chicken skin. I really feel this is about a connection to my higher self but I would like to know what you think?

I know what you are speaking of here because I too have this ability and have been experiencing the very same kind of vibrations and tingles for years. The tingling sensations are like rushes of prickly magnetic waves that flow through and from anywhere around the physical body. They may go from mild to very intense and are often felt in the back, arms, neck, lower face, upper chest and the top of the head (this is where I feel them the most intense).

You are correct in that these are resonance points or feelings of truth. I have also noticed that this occurs when we are receiving, projecting and transmuting thoughts, intentions and feelings from ‘positive’ points of interactions. I would like to add that the reason why we may perceive ‘chicken skin’ or any subtle changes in the areas where these sensations may affect is because our vibratory field in the respective area(s), slightly changes our perception of the skin. For anyone whose has this ability, I encourage us to pay attention to when the energies kicks in and take notes when we can on what was going on or being said when the sensations occurred; this will help us to better master and understand how our body electric is communicating to others as well as ourselves.

Q. I have only experienced an AP twice. What I often experience when I try to induce an AP is muscle contractions. They start light but get very sudden and strong, like an entire limb moving half a foot. What is this all about?

This is a sign of tension in the physical body. If this is a reoccurring problem, one should do some stretching exercises before attempting to astral projection. Remember, the number one goal in ‘consciously’ achieving an OBE or AP is that the physical form must be as relaxed and calm as possible.

Q. My heart rate sometimes feels like it comes to an (almost) complete halt. When I first experienced it that freaked me out and it started to beat real fast. Then when it slowed I had my first AP.

It is very important to keep our heart rate at a very steady rate in order to move our perception beyond the physical vessel. It takes practice to achieve this state but I personally recommend that we master a meditation technique before consciously attempting to have astral projection experience. This will help us to manage our focus and breathing, which in turn will help us to manage the flow of energies, be it our physical heart or heart chakra.

Q. I am experimenting induced OBE (naturally, without the aid of drugs). I feel the vibrations, but have only been able to separate once, in which after 2 or 3 seconds I got scared and fell back into my body. What's your take on this?

There are other possibilities that could prevent one from consciously experiencing an OBE, that you have not listed and they are; stress, depression, sadness, anxiety; attachments from energies gathered from multiple sex partners (lustfulness), fear (this a BIG one), resentment and hate. All of these elements further slow down the vibratory frequency of our body electric, which in turn affects everything else in and around us. One must be as balanced in mind, body and soul as possible in order to have a strong, positive and controlled OBE or astral projection experience. It’s not an easy thing to do but with patience, dedication and good intentions; it will be done!

Q. Do you know the book 'Journeys out of the Body' by William Buhlman and 'The Center of the Cyclone' by John C. Lilly?

I have not read the book entitled ‘Journeys out of the Body’ but I will certainly look into it because several people have asked or spoken about it and swears that it is a ‘must’ read.

Q. I have heard about people able to visit the physical reality plane, not just a copy of it according to the collective consciousness of the population. Is this something you can do too?

Anything is possible in this infinite omni-verse, the only boundaries are of our own beliefs, fears; limiting habits and prejudices. These things are very true and possible and yes, I have achieved this state and had powerful experiences as the result but have since lost it due to an addiction to sugar (which is a HUGE blocker of higher perception and consciousness). In order to achieve this state, requires extreme diet, focus, practice and discipline.

Q. How does one attain that ability? I am interested in this not to breach people's privacy (which I am strongly opposed to doing) but to aid in my remote viewing skill.

The ability is achieved through a very strong intent; very strict diet; positive thought projections; healthy mind, body and soul and patience. It will also require a very solid technique and there are many out there but one must find one that resonates with them and put it into practice. Some people have even achieved this state by accident or a positive ‘side-affect’ of a natural inclination to a healthy, mind, body and soul.

Q. I would like to know if it is possible that when I would recite a target ID from a Remote Viewing session, if my higher self would transport me to the target?

Based on my present understanding, remote viewing is like using powerful binoculars from the place from which we sit. In other words, no one actually leave their present location when we remote view. We simply tabulate the coordinates of the place or location for which we wish to view and calculate the equations in our mind. Yes, no one can do this without the assistance or bird’s eye view (eagle eye) of our higher-self.

Q. Have you heard of Steven Greer and the website that he founded? He talks about the 'cabal' now having the technology to sever a person's spirit body from their physical body and kill them that way. Have you heard about

I am unaware of Steven Greer or this spirit severance technology that is allegedly being used to kill with. However, I am aware that there are those of us who are of extreme negativity and believe it is our right to dominate and play God to and for everyone; this reason alone gives some credibility to such destructive efforts.

Q. Have you heard about the whistleblower website?

Ironically, information by this group was recently sent to me by a family member. Based, on what I have seen and read thus far, there is a resonance. I have yet to visit their website.

Q. I experimented with coffee and noticed for first time how artificially the heart rate was raised whilst trying to induce an OBE. It was amazing to notice. Do you not drink coffee either like you don't do alcohol?

I drink decaffeinated coffee at times but I do so for more as a natural antioxidant than anything else. I like the taste of coffee but do not like the taste of alcohol. Additionally, I am sure that it was caffeinated coffee that had an affect on your heart rate because this brand of coffee operates more as a stimulant in this regard.

Q. Can/does someone know why we astral project with different astral bodies? And how can we choose which astral body we want to AP with if possible?

All Beings with souls have spiritual, astral, etheric and emotional forms and/or bodies... The reason why we have multiple expressions in this way is due to the various designs, structures, layers and frequencies of realities... Each realm has their own respective laws and physics and the only way to access them and have an experience within them; we will need a vessel or vehicle that correspond with and within them (this is our multidimensional nature)... For instance, in order to have a 'physical-like' interaction or experience within these respective realms, you will need a vessel that corresponds with the physics and structure of each vibratory realm or element... You can use your astral body to explore 3D but you cannot physically interact with the physical world because your astral body is not bound by the same laws as the physical world and visa versa. You cannot physically interact or even access the spiritual world using your physical body because it is too dense and slow in vibration, etc... As for how do we choose which body to travel with when we wish to AP? It's a combination of our soul's intent, level of consciousness and evolution... More specifically, when we 'consciously' astral project, the core-self or soul, will sync up with the corresponding body or expression that it needs based on our intent & command. When we spontaneously astral project - this is the soul on auto-pilot, working to do what it does best and that's to explore and experience - the lower-self (the physical form) is sort of going along for the ride... The goal should be to balance the lower-self (physical form) and spiritualize it and become ONE consciousness with all of your multi-dimensional expressions.

Q. Why is it that when I'm out of my body, I can't go through doors/windows/my house/or other objects? (is something holding me back? if so what can I do about it)

The astral, emotional and spiritual bodies are inherently transparent or invisible to this dense physical realm because these expressions are not bound by the same laws. However, the etheric body can slow down to the point of matching 3D density, to where it can physically interact with these realms, usually for a short period... I feel that you are likely using your etheric form (which is an exact copy of the physical form) and due to either pushing or trying too hard; dis-belief, fear, doubt and/or confusion, you may be inadvertently slowing down the vibration of the etheric body to the point of blocking the natural flow of the experience.

Q. Is there anyone/anybody who knows where I can look up/find videos on these particular questions of mine?

Unfortunately I don't read a lot of materials from other people about astral projection to give you any more leads to your specific questions beyond what I have shared... However, I am sure that if you continue searching and hold onto the intent for more clarity - you WILL find the answers that you seek... As stated in my recent video - work on raising your vibrations; hold onto your intent and work towards staying balanced and everything else will fall into place... In other words, don't push too hard; be diligent but be patient.

During sleep and anesthesia, a person has no consciousness of the passage of time. So if consciousness is eternal, how can it be shut down like that? If consciousness can be shut down, then doesn't it follow that it can be destroyed too?

Just because the brain cannot attain or remember being conscious during anesthesia or sleep doesn't mean that consciousness is shut of. When we are in these states, consciousness still exists but it can't be perceived or experienced from the focal point of the physical brain. So in this case, consciousness is not 'shut off' - it's just blocked off from access by the physical brain... Sort of like a firewall to a computer. Our physical bodies are biological computers and anesthesia creates a fire-wall of sorts.

There are many stories out there of people who came out from of being under anesthesia for a prolonged period of time but later remembered or recalled seeing themselves being operated on... Some have remembered conversations that actually occurred when they were under. Others have had dreams of those events as well... What is happening at this point is that the active brain is now, incrementally accessing and downloading the conscious memories of the events that were recorded while person was under... They are essentially bringing parts of these conscious memories into the physical mind.

Another example of this are dreams - people dream all of the time but have no memories of dreaming but does this mean that they were not conscious? Of course not, they (for whatever reason) were or are unable to bring forth the memories of those conscious dreams into their physical conscious mind. Those conscious memories are always 'there' with us but we are not all keen on how to access or bring them to the forefront of our awareness.


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