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Emotionally Dramatic?

I awoke today to find my beloved cat on the floor, she appeared to be having a seizure. I screamed and ran to her. I didnt know if she was choking or seizing or what, but she was just trying to throw up which she did. She appears to be fine now. Im hoping she just overate she is a bit greedy.

And now im having a hard time trying to get out of this worried state of mind. I still have tears running down my face and I know I am going to remain depressed the rest of the day. I would just take right to the vet but im having finacial issues at this point and wont be able to get her there till next week.

I feel like im being over dramatic with my emotions, ofcourse its love but she seems to be ok now. I dont want to remain in this state of mind after I have been working so hard to stay in a positive mind frame. I try not to think negative thoughts but they keep poping back in my head which make me go from tears to real crying. How do I shift my mental state and keep it shifted.


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