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Does Sex Sell or Are We Being Sold to 'Buy' Sex?

I don’t typically talk about matters that deal with celebrities or celebrity gossip but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to use the latest ‘sex scandal’ to highlight something that’s far more impacting in ways that most of us don’t consider. For those of us who may not have heard – Laurence Fishburne’s 18 year old daughter Montana has come out to the world, to confess that she is interested in becoming a porn star. Montana was arrested last year for alleged prostitution, according to newly uncovered court records. Fishburne, whose most notably known for a starring role in the Matrix as Morpheus, was said to be furious after his teenage daughter Montana announced plans to release an adult video later this month.

Montana Fishburne was recently featured on the Joy Beyhard’s show. where she proudly admits that she wants to use porn to “express her sexuality” and to “break into show-business”. Now, most people would wonder, how and why, would the daughter of a very respected and wealthy actor in Hollywood, resort to feeling that porn is the best way for her to make a name for herself or to be ‘famous’? Montana Fishburn is likely to be going through something that so many young impressionable minds experience and that is the growing pains of finding and exhaulting her own identity. I also feel that there may be a mark of rebellion and attention. However, I am writing this blog to touch on an aspect of this situation that many people may not even consider.

“Sex sells”, we’ve been told this many times over but being one of an unconventional world view, I happen to feel that sex sells because we’ve been conditioned to ‘buy’ that sex sells but that’s just me. The media promotes it just about everywhere and in everything and therefore, we constantly focus on it (sex) and may well begin lusting for it. We continue to put young women and men on pedestals for their sexual proprieties and some unknowns have even become celebrities overnight once a ‘sex tape’ or ‘sex scandal’ breaks. Pamela Anderson, Tommi Lee; the mistresses of Tiger Woods; Paris Hilton, Super Head, Kim Kardashian and Ray Jay, have all spawned enormous popularity for their sex tapes and scandals. So with all of this in mind, I ask, should we be surprised to see someone so impressionable and vulnerable as Montana wanting to ride the train (no pun intended) for her break at the making a name for herself? She had even admitted that Kim Kardashian’s success from her sex-tape scandal inspired her (Montanna) to get into porn.

We must not loose sight of the larger impact, for which the overt proliferation and glorification of such things IS having on the psyche of the impressionable minds of young women and men all over the world. The mass media is sending a ‘larger than life’ message that if ‘you’ want to be a star – you must appeal to the loins of men or stimulate hormones of those who watch you or follow you. Think about it, if the child of a wealthy upper class family is being influenced by the ‘sex-sells’ mind-conscoiusness, what’s to stop any young woman or man for that matter from being pulled into the illusions of fame, glits and glamour through sex? The truth of the matter is that all who are not strong in their indentity can be influenced by these larger than life messages.

We’ve heard the saying before “all that glitters, ain’t gold” but sadly, this truth is not being considered or flat out denied because more people seem to be convinced that ‘fame’, no matter what the cost, will somehow make them ‘matter’ or be of importance in the world. This mindset is truly indicative of a culture that has seemed to have misplaced our value and true self-worth and if we don’t re-direct this focus; we all run the risk of loosing many beautiful souls to what I call a ‘low-vibratory consciousness’ – where confusion, loneliness, sadness, depression amd turmoil is a constant life theme.


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