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“I always defy the odds” is what I have stated in a couple of my videos in the past. I state this because no matter how high the odds where stacked against me in any situation, somehow, someway, I will get over and will be triumphant! I only like to share my stories with others ‘after’ I have ‘been there’, ‘conquered’ and have gathered the information that fulfilled the victory! When I am going through any challenge or situation that stretches me on every level imaginable, I choose to ‘hold my head up’ and still smile. I choose to help others in any way that I can with whatever I have available. I am still kind, considerate, respectful and honorable… I am not nor have I ever been the type to throw pity-parties for myself and I definitely wouldn’t do anything or say anything to make others feel pity or sorry for me.

Within the past 4 years, I have been stretched to the extreme with just about every test and hardship that one could imagine. The events that set the trajectory to these events was my decision to resign from a well paying Federal Government position in December, 2006. I left because I hated my job and hated the politics and Division unfairness that went on, some of was it at my expense. My core was restless and was feellng a strong desire and need for a 'serious change' and therefore, I took a ‘leap of faith’ and left the closest thing to job ‘security’ anyone could have. When I had resigned; I took a position with a small business, who had a contract with an ‘elite’ government agency. Again, my core was restless and very unhappy there! I felt as if I was supposed to be doing something else; something far more purposeful and fulfilling but I held onto that job position for the steady income but fate had another plan. I was eventually fired from that position because I refused an assignment that went against my contract agreement.

There I was in 2009, without a ‘secular’ job or without any income because I could not get unemployment insurance since I was ‘marked’ as causing my own situation and therefore ‘unqualified’ for employment benefits. I must have applied for hundreds of jobs in the first year and only 1 potential job opportunity surfaced – I interviewed for the job but wasn't hired. Yet and still, I forged ahead, while paying all of my bills and mortgage on time out of my life savings. I have a small production business that I worked here and there (part-time) since 2001. Therefore, I continued to produce, teach voice, do readings, design logos, websites, business cards, perform. Whatever I could do, I would do it to help make ends meet. Of course, the economy eventually tanked and people weren’t spending as much and there were no job prospects; no opportunities and my life savings eventually dwindled and quickly too!

Eventually, I lost my life savings, my excellent credit status, economic status; loyal clients who could no longer afford to pay for my services; friends (or so I thought), close family members (via death) but still, I continued to smile and hold my head up high! I still found enough strength and energy to put my attention and focus on helping and inspiring others along the way… The one thing that I still have to show for years of hard work and sacrifice in this material world is my home. Since, April of this year, I had been battling a foreclosure law-suit without an attorney because I couldn’t afford one. I pulled together whatever resources I had; stood in truth and fought against this lawsuit with every bit of information that I had. In the end, I was given the ‘illusion’ that I had lost my home to foreclosure but I literally just discovered the contrary. It looks like being fearless and my standing in ‘truth’ has proven another example of defying the odds! These unprecedented experiences has shown and taught me that the things that we perceive as a ‘lost’ is in preparation for ‘greater’ gains! Not just materially but in wisdom, spiritual armor and soul-expansion. If we dwell in and over exalt our misery, anger, hate, bitterness, sorrow or just give up on life or ourselves, we change our trajectory away from our promised victory. Don’t get me wrong, we are allowed to feel anguish, despair, anger, hurts, frustrations, sadness because I have felt them all BUT do not let these emotions drive you – WE MUST strive to take CONTROL and DRIVE THEM!

Some people may be wondering, if you are so ‘psychic or intuitive’, why couldn’t you have foreseen these things and avoided them? The truth of the matter is that ‘true-blue’ psychics and intuitive people are supposed to use our abilities to assist others who may fall or be falling off of ‘their map’ or destiny and there are even limitations on this. Intuitive or psychics are not allowed to peak into our personal trajectory and dodge anything because that would be cheating ourselves of some of our best life challenges. Most people would cheat or avoid their own challenges or be so preoccupied with the prospect of a ‘future’ challenge that they would be rendered incapable of living in the ‘now’… At the end of the day, it does not matter how 'spiritual', smart, talented, wealthy, rich or poor we are -- if we are in a human space suit, we still must go through trails, tribulations and the full ranges of being human, just like everybody else. However, it is our resolve in how we turn trials and tribultions around that could make us SUPER-human (Christ Being)!

Today, I ULTRA-stand that had to go through all of what I had gone through because it is and will be another testament of how I defied the odds! My story will inspire and motivate even more! Through these hard-times, I ‘experienced and learned’ who my true friends were; I had to experience just how the courts and banking system really work. I had to learn and experience how law works. I had to ‘experience’ a health crisis, caused from being under so much stress, without health insurance, so that I lean on and ‘learn’ about natural and esoteric healing… I had to 'experience and learn' the full ranges of the 'laws of allowance' so that I may ULTRAstand my center. I had to temporarily ‘loose’ everything and tested to the extreme, so that I can be prepared on every level to handle and lead, direct and manage the responsibilities of what is unfolding as I type these words (major opportunities). Yes! I am doing it and had done it all without government assistance; 'secular' employment or conventional thought or wisdom... It was through support from the Almighty Prime Creator, guardians, guides, family, REAL friends and very close family members (some who have no clue of what I have gone through) and a couple of members from the community! Most of all, it was by way of my ‘positive thought process’ and ‘WILL' to BE the impossible’. One day, I will tell of everything that I have been through, not just within the last 4 years but my entire life! Because again, my style, method is and WILL -- is to share the story of how I defied the odds ‘after’ I have experienced, conquered and gained the knowledge/information and coordinates to share, and inspire others to be equally VICTORIOUS!


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