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Cool New Sensation I've Noticed

I have a post called "Whats's going on with me?" somewhere in the member's stories and health section. Basically I'm a very sensitive guy and chemical abuse such as cigarettes and marijuana has got me in a very low vibrational state that I'm trying so hard to break free from. It's got me loaded with all sorts of odd symtoms including a muscle tenseness and achiness in my neck, back, and joint areas. Sometimes my neck and my jaws have been so tensed up that I've tried physically whipping my neck back and forth to loosen it up not necessarily in a harsh way. But I do this thing where I keep moving my neck in all sorts of directions like in a figure 8 for about 5 minutes and then after I close my eyes and space out and focus on my third eye area and I get this INSANE rush of energy or whatever that starts in the root chakra and goes up through my stomach to the top of my head. It's so weird it's like I get this crazy tingling in my balls (excuse my colloquialism) and then to my stomach and it feels like butterfly almost like I'm on a crazy roller coaster going down a big drop...then it go up to the top of my head. Have anyone else noticed this? Maybe you guys should try it and let me know what happens...It just seems like maybe it's kundalini energy being flowing better because I'm loosening up my neck...Should I keep doing this as an exercise?? Thanks for listening guys!


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