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The word ‘normal’ by the dictionary definition means; conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. I was recently having a discussion with someone who holds some pretty intense and passionate views about interracial dating, gay marriage and racism, particularly ‘white supremacy’ and this inspired me to start a discussion about what is considered ‘normal’ or even ‘abnormal’ for that matter... I strongly feel that the person, who inspired me to start this forum discussion, is pretty well intentioned but He has a pattern of basically pissing people off with his strong beliefs and views. I understand the angle from which this person is speaking from and why they feel and think in such a way, and although I may not whole-heartedly agree with much of His views, he certainly has a way of sparking some intense ‘inner-dialog’ – something that I love to do, in my own way.

The person that I am referencing recently said that He believes that those of us who have an ‘accepting mentality’ are helping to create more of a problem… That accepting ‘abnormal’ things is evil and those who condone the ‘abnormal’ are just as much a part of ‘evil’ as those who are actually carrying out and living ‘abnormal’ behavioral patterns. I do agree that he has a valid point where it is warranted but if his views are going to be supported by what is ‘normal’ – I wanted to help him to see how and why ‘normalcy’ carries a double sword. Here are a few citations in the aforementioned regard; there was a time in our history when it was ‘normal’ and common place for adult males could marry children… There was a time in history, when it was ‘normal’ to socially enslave, beat and kill other Beings who weren’t seen as ‘normal’ or humane… There was a time when it was common place and ‘normal’ for tribes and cultures would brutally ‘sacrifice’ their own people, as an offering to ‘the Gods’… I can give countless examples but my overall point is that there are and have been times when social norms were challenged and ultimately changed for the greater good of the whole.

Yes, there are abnormalities within our collective but should an abnormality be automatically labeled or categorized as a negative that should be forever rejected or marginalized? Is an ‘abnormality’ inherently wrong? In my humble opinion; there are still things that are considered the norm, that should be in the category as abnormal and I mean this in the ‘negative’ sense of the word. The economic system that most of us participate and support is very abnormal because it is helping to reinforce slavery on multiple levels and only a ‘few’ truly benefit from it but yet, most see such a system as ‘normal’… From my perspective, it has always been the ‘norm’ to marginalize and impose on people who express themselves and create a life of their own design, (so as long as they are not ‘imposing’ their design or ‘will’ on the life of others)… Therefore, most of what we see today are people who have been historically and systematically marginalize standing up and having their voices heard – not to BE ‘the new norm” but to be respected in their right to simply BE.

What are your views on what is normal and do you think that ‘the new normal(s)’ is a detriment to humanity as a whole or this a sign of evolution and progressiveness? When should something that’s considered an abnormality be justified as something that society as a whole

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