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Breath of the Air

You've felt this in the atmosphere's kiss.

Deny the rush you encountered when you took that risk.

Maybe you'd prefer to paddle in the shallows than submerge in the depths.

You have seen all the particles left.

You've inhaled love in the breath of the air.

Blow it out into the smoke that smoulders the sky.

Pretending it's not you that's giving me the eye.

Even the atoms around us go insane.

When you've taken me in this perfumed refrain.

Your love gets its oxygen from the breath of the air.

While you surrender to the drug like intoxication.

I want you when you've got the sensation.

On the wind you can smell it's scent.

Soon enough you'll begin to give in to the incense.

You'll gasp love from the breath of the air.

Yes it is clearly invisible.

I can prove it can bring bliss to all.

Stand still and experience your heart being embraced.

In it you can just about see the multicoloured haze.

You’re surrounded in love's breath of the air.


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