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Beam of Light

Dirt clouds the eyes of the living.

Darking of man is appending.

There is a glimmer of giving.

Because my heart is defending.

With a beam of light.

A mile of sparkling hope.

To overcome shadowing storms.

A new chance for them to cope.

Breaking the suffocation that makes them mourn.

From this beam of light.

See how it dances?

It’s dancing the dance of love.

Feel the effects of it’s unlimited advances.

They are aided by millions of hands from above.

Providing a beam of light.

Something to hold.

Into the depths of your heart.

A tale of happiness to be told.

Something we can all be a part.

By a beam of light.

Please don’t be frightened.

Don’t be afraid to cry.

This world will be lightened.

From your star up in the sky.

Your beam of light.


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