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At This Point in Life

Cried silently here for the three hours. It's not pain that my heart devours. Those tears break from rapture I feel. Contained in the moment where I start to heal. At this point in life I've seen pain kill. The night has taken me to a mournful dimension. Full of the grieves of life complete with it's tension. But there will always be a ray of light to pierce the black. Returning the soul to it's loving contact. At this point in life I felt darkness lead astray. A crowded room doesn't stop the depression spreading. I know when it's about to happen as it's a moment I'm dreading. A friendly smile or a warm, soft touch. Can achieve so very much. At this point in life I've known children born to hate. A broken man emotionally and physically stands on his last legs. From the glass bottle he swigs the last dregs. The reason he is like this is not his fault. He was the unfortunate victim in an assault. At this point in life I've seen enough.

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