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Astral Assistnace

Hey fam I need some help/feedback. I have recently in the past few months opened my conscousness to the realm of astral projection. I have had multiple experiences where I begin to astral project out of a dream. Its starts as a regular dream, turns lucid, then I begin to to gain full awareness where I feel myself leaving my body. The problem is most of the time I am in an ominous dream when this happens, or there was previously a scary part in my dream and that cuases me to be scared and not want to fully detatch so I force myself back in my body. I have been wanting the conscious experience for a long time but I cant seem to get over the fear of what I am going to enounter. The last lucid dream I had ended with a person who looked like an older man, but with no eyes or nose, just a mouth, I was laying on a table unable to move from fear and the entity/person came over to me in lightning speed and put its mouth on mine while forcing its tounge in my mouth...I woke up from the sensation of this....VERY CREEPY. I must say that as scarey as that dream was, I handled my fear reaction pretty well...I was able to go back to sleep in around 30 min or so when an episode like that wouldve kept me up for hours not too long ago. I am the type of person that doesnt dream a lot, and when I do they seem to mostly be scarey dreams, I know I have a fearful energy blocking my third eye chakara...wondering If anyone out there understands where I am at and how I can accellerate the process of releasing these blocks/fears to free myself spiritually and astrally. TY

Light & Love



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