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AP vibration

Ok so I the actual councious event of acutally leaving my body contniues to elude me . I did have what I will call an odd experience during a meditation a few days ago and would like some feed back on it. I think it was an AP not a lucid dream but would like feed back.

Ok so I was in a state of awareness and it was dark. My eyes were closed and I was aware that I was lying in bed but not lying in bed (if that makes sense) I did begin to hear these buzzing noises I would say it was more like a swarming sound like bees than a electronic high pitched vibrating sound. I guess I had always anticipated the later.

In the swarming noise I began to have singular awarnessess of indivudual vibrations. These began to break away from the herd (lack of a better term) then these would zip by my at a high rate of speed. I was not frightened it just was. This occured several times by sinugular indivuduals with in the group.

As these beings that had 'zipped by me" kept doing so I noted that the sounds they were making were no longer a buzzing sound jumbled into a swarming noise but each I associated to a musical instrament. Like a violin, or trumpet. I think what they were showing me was that the buzzing noise was infact a "pitch" or musical note. Each individual was a harmoney with in the hive or swarm. To me is sounded like a swarming noise but infact that was because I just wasn't tuned into the acutal frequency.So it had to be slowed down and broken down so that I could understand it. Maybe this was their way of reducing any fear.

Ok so next I got the impression there was someone standing behind me with his hands slightly on my shoulders. His hands/palms reached down to my clavical bone. Nothing funny going on I think it was a proportion thing. He was blue I remember reaching up and touching him with my hands. It was an odd sensation. He was there and tactile wise he was transparent it was like putting your hands into some weird cool jelly that didn't leave a residue when u removed your hands. HE seemed liqiudy-solid enough for a shape to form but odd. It was a cool but pleasant sensation. I get the feeling that I was allowed to have the experience of reaching thru him but also had the tactile one as a solid object. What I remember most about the experience now was the jelly thing.

I think this may have been an AP. Reading back on my experience now I tend the think it was now by processing it more but would be greatful for insight or observations. I also know that I may be missing pieces that others can fill in on my event. Feed back always welcome.


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