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As many of you guys know, I don’t share anything or suggest anything to others without having a personal experience, revelation or vision on the matter. It is now time that I share something with you guys that just might change your life forever. From the year of 2010 to early 2013, I went through periods of unusual and tremendous stress levels. I was already feeling great pain and hurt from a series of events that happened to me from 2009 and to the point all of what I am about to share began to escalate. I was pushing myself to the limits to keep up with the demands of responding to viewers and family members seeking help and advice; giving intuitive readings (which requires a lot of energy to do); working hard to make ends meet; all while being a source of continued support for associates, family and friends who were in crisis. Yes, I neglected to work on my own balance and peace of mind and I paid dearly for it but like anything else, I eventually learned that there was an underlining message and lesson to be learned and you will see what I mean by the end of this blog.

As previously stated; during this period, I was under tremendous stress but yet, I continued to over-extend myself and eventually developed the first symptom of what was to come; tremendous heaviness and discomfort in my chest area. I had never experienced such a symptom before but I was so driven, that I would ignore it (deep down I knew something was going awry). The aforementioned situation eventually lead to throwing my central nervous system out of sync and I had ultimately developed a condition called gastritis; an auto immune abnormality, that causes the inner-lining of the intestines to become inflamed. The inflammation can become so intense that it caused internal bleeding… My abdomen would become bloated to the point of extreme discomfort, especially while sitting up… I would have heart-palpitations to the point of accelerated breathing. I had these bizarre muscle spasms in my abdomen and these dull muscle aches that would move from different points of my torso. I would be remiss if I were not to add that I attributed some of those symptoms with our bodies becoming crystalline but there was definitely more to just a side effect to the shift.

When I would go to the rest room, I would find that there would be blood in my stool and the stool itself would be shaped very weirdly. The more stress I was under, the more intense these symptoms we be. I am sure that if I were a heavy eater of meat, this entire situation would have been 3 times as worse! I remember when I got the Sara Key, it relieved the first line of symptom, which was the heaviness that I felt in my chest area… For those who saw my videos regarding the Sara Key, I actually mentioned how the key almost instantly relieved the heaviness I felt in my chest (heart chakra area) in the second ‘testimonial’ video. Indeed, I had instant relief from the discomfort for some time but once again, I found myself in a state of unusual stress levels and not even the Sara Key could help relieve what I was experiencing! I had then begun to fast and getting back into meditating and this helped but the moment I would eat something solid and sit up for a period of time, the symptoms would return… It was at this point that I projected a call to my etheric-doctors (guardians ) to help me to heal this situation because going the Western medicine route was out of the question for me. My guardians came to visit me the very next night. Not only did they work on me and relieved the situation but they set a series of events in alignment, so that I could discover one of the best kept secrets known the man and that is this; the best all natural miracle medicine is found right within our body! Yes, these series of events lead me to information related to urine!

Now before you guys gasp in disgust, I strongly advise you to take in what I am sharing and do your own research and you will find that urine medicine and therapy was used by our ancient ancestors and we’ve even seen animals drinking their own urine. It all seems silly and unintelligent at first glance or thought but I am a witness – it really works! Just three days after my guardians visited me, I was lead to an article about urine therapy. I read the article and instantly resonated with it. Why? Aside from the strong intuition that I had, I remembered learning years ago that a lot of medicines have animal urine in it. I recalled stories of coal miners who got trapped underground for prolonged periods without food and water and the only ones that survived were those who had enough courage and ingenuity to drink their own urine. Not only did those who drank their own urine survived but they were just as strong and robust as they were before getting trapped. My core was really resonating with this indeed. So of course, I read up on urine therapy more and eventually decided to give it a try but I wanted to only try it should the symptoms I experienced returned.

Given that I was still under a lot of the same conditions that created my gastritis situation - the symptoms of discomfort returned. This time, instead of calling on my guardians for relief, I decided to drink a half of cup of my own urine in the morning on an empty stomach. I will admit that I gagged at first because the thought of drinking urine, was repulsive to my senses but I held my nose and forged ahead. Within 20 minutes, I realized that my symptoms had subsided greatly! I felt like I was really onto something indeed… I continued the regimen every morning for 2 weeks. By the third week, my symptoms were completely gone! I felt super energized and optimistic! The gastritis symptoms that I experienced have not returned since! Of course, I have greatly cut back on my stress levels. I go out and sun-gaze and meditate to keep my central nervous system balanced.

I know in my core that all of this had to happen with me so that I can experience all f what I shared and ultimately lead more people to this information. This is one medicine that law makers and corporations cannot ban or control. Imagine how many people will actually heal themselves of all forms of sickness, disease and discomfort, should they learn of urine therapy and apply it? I share my story with you and hopefully, you too will find validity in it and pass it on to your friends and loved ones. I know that given the way in which we have been conditioned, it may be difficult to speak on and share such things but as I always say – it is time that we work to move beyond worrying about fitting into the expectations we call the norms or caring about what others may think; we cannot truly grow and evolve in this way. In closing, I leave with you a link that will give more information on the power of your own urine and urine in general. May this message inspire another natural miracle and healing from inside – out; this is my truest intention.


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