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Adolescent brain and behavior

A remember of a Facebook group that I am a member of, shared this link as part of a discussion piece;

He then posed and directed the following to me;

“Astral BooBaby this is proof that the HUMAN BRAIN doesn't fully develop on decision making until 25 how can you then prove that people were born a certain way..... no titles or any specific way..... but actually born to do any particular thing?”

Of course, I provided my response to his question and decided that I would share the article and my response here…

My response;

I know that some of what I am about to share here, may go well over your head but here goes… The brain is a processor and a conduit... Obviously, the brain is the hub of the mind-body computer and if it is under-developed, broken or compromised – it will be shown in the body and even in the actions of the individual whose using their body in order to be ‘present ‘ in this ‘dense’ physical reality but this state does not necessarily show and prove the metaphysical layer of this process that we call life. Therefore, I cannot answer your question without bringing in this ‘key’ layer…

Just like we are really not our bodies, we are not our brain either and consciousness is not ‘in’ the brain but consciousness is processed through the brain… Let me explain this in simpler layman… If you sat down to work on your computer and it had a virus or if it was broken or even if the hub was malfunctioning, would that mean that you (the operator) is in the same state? Of course not, you are just limited and stump on what you can get your computer to do but that does not mean that your (as the operator), will and intent and choices aren’t strong and present… It simply mean that you can’t get your computer to carry out your intention or action in the way you want or intend in that moment… However, when that computer system or processor is corrected, repaired or in this case ‘matured’ your greater consciousness and intent will be more reflective. Now, apply what I had just shared to our biological body/brain and the real-greater you! The real-greater you is operating on quantum level consciousness and intelligence – your brain and biological computer is designed to operate on layers of extreme limitations BUT if ‘the will’ of the being using that computer (the real you) is strong, he/she can and does override and correct the situation of the dense physical brain… Remember what I said in an earlier post that ‘free will’ starts before birth? Yes, we all knew of the limitations, set-backs and ‘issues’ with our biological computers (human frailties) but we come in and allow the process to be what it is and mind you, it’s a very, very, complicated and layered process.

So you see, the ‘choices’ to BE who and what we are going to be was/is made before we get here; before we get a body or brain… All of what is shared in the article about the brain is just outlining a layer of the ‘dense physical’ reality and process... Let us say that everything that I just shared was not or is not true– it still doesn’t change the fact that people well beyond the age of 25 are standing in ‘consciousness’ and awareness that was/is before their brain or body was even formed (this is already well documented)... There are people who are well in their 40s, 50s and 60s and beyond, who are very ‘clear’ and articulate in their choices that you may find disagreeable. I really want us to be careful to not play into this ‘we have no choice or responsibilities in what we do or say for a large portion of our lives’ because it can easily fall into ‘non-accountability’ category and that proverbial ‘victimhood’ mentality… If someone tells you that they made a ‘choice’ to do something, trust what they say because they clearly know better than you because it’s ‘their’ life path or matrix… If someone say that they were born to BE a certain way, that’s their truth and no one who does not have their consciousness, heart, body and mind, should be ever so self-righteous in telling them that this is not so… This life is a test of will and again, that test begins before we ‘experience’ this dense physical body and world – so the ‘choice’ to experience and BE whatever or whoever we are or will BE, was/is and will always be ‘ours’…

In closing, if you expect me to address these things based on conventional wisdom, beliefs and thought projections – forget it... I live and walk between multiple worlds and awareness and I will never deny either… Hence, I don’t play into those limitations that you often focus on and please don’t confuse this with liberalism, democracy or having ‘deaf-ears’ – I am a cosmic messenger; all that I AM and destined to be was a ‘choice’ that I made long before getting a brain and body or vessel… I have always ‘felt’ this higher truth… Yes, this is all my ‘choice’ – my ‘truth’ and I am sticking to it

Any thoughts? Please weigh in, if you will...

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