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ABB's in my dream through my deceased grandma.

Hello everyone!

I am new here and want to share my dream with you. I am Ukrainian and I've been living in the US for 8 years. Please pardon my English. I still make lots of mistakes.

Before I have found ABB's videos on youtube I had a dream which became very special to me after I interpreted it.

In this dream I was in a big room with my family and my Grandma (who has been deceased for almost 4 years). Usually I know that she is not alive and so was this time. But I'm always happy to see her near and enjoy her company. She has came to me several times after her death and usually she has a message of some kind.

This time she did not look like herself but I knew it was her. When I looked at her I saw a black male with a big white smile, strong body. She was very energetic and it seemed that she kept jumping and smiling like if she had so much energy. She told me something that she wanted to share and it was very simple but important. I don't remember the exact words but the meaning was " Enjoy life". I felt she wanted me to take it from her, to get energized.

The message was clear to me but her image of a black man was not.

At that time I was reading books of Lobsang Rampa where I was introduced to the astral traveling. So I started searching the internet and that's how I found ABB's video(which was about two weeks after the dream). I loved the videos and immediately felt very light and in tune with all the information and ABB as a person. I watched them every day and was more and more into it. I was so grateful for all the information and the energy ABB provided. I even started sharing the info with some of my relatives and friends who understands English.

I had watched ABB's videos for about two or three weeks and then one day I was thinking of my grandma and then suddenly I received this revelation. It was like a movie of my dream that was quick played before my eyes and the images of black man smiling and it hit me within seconds.

The black man is ABB!!! MY GRANDMA BROUGHT ME THE IMPORTANCE OF WHAT I WAS ABOUT TO FIND FOR MYSELF. I cannot stress enough how important and revolutionary it felt. I immediately got very excited and extremely happy. It's one thing when you find some good info and you are in alignment with it and you learn so much. But when you get a message like this from the other side it feels even more important and more alive. I was so grateful to my granny and ABB at the same time! I am very grateful to the Universe and Everything that is for the things happening to me during this life journey. I become more and more open and more information reveals to me.

Thanks for your time. I hope this message was important to you as well.


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