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A Prediction Come True Against So Many Opposing POV's #predictions #psychic #readings #messenger

Originally published and aired on Youtube, September 12, 2012

At the beginning of the video provided below - I had 'jokingly' and 'playfully' predicted that Obama would be re-elected (or selected) for another Presidential term... It is important to archive this video link in my predictions archive because at the time, some of the most trusted and propular psychics, evangelists, bloggers, conspiracy theorists (professional fear mongers), messengers and self identified prophets were putting out predictions as such

- that there would be no election due to an implementatiuon of Marshall Law.

- that the former president would not be elected

- Mainstream evangelists were stating that 'God told them' that there would be no election because the world would be ending beforehand.

It is worth noting that these predictions were very common narratives and heavily promoted all over social media to the tune of hundreds of millions of views, hits and shares! Now let the aforementioned set in your psyche as you take a look at this not so pupular prediction that has long since come true;


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