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A Must See! The GREAT Awakening is Accelerating!

Hello FAM!

You guys know how much I love to ‘freely’ share information! I receive a lot of data from everyone and I really do my best to review everything and when I come across something that resonate or provides another angle to what I have known by way of my own revelations; I share it with you. I would like to thank for sending me another video that boldly speaks on everything that I have been saying for years! One of the most profound points in this video is the fact that we have been ‘conditioned’ to frown upon and even ridicule those who are brave enough to talk about the existence of highly intelligent alien life, UFO’s and any other thing that is not considered ‘mainstream’. Speaking of which (a little side-bar for you guys), “mainstream” information is typically a version of truth that is ‘green lighted’ or ‘approved’ by the controllers of the very system that’s designed and socially engineered to keep the masses ignorant, distracted, destabilized, enslaved, controlled or under total submission. Therefore, we must be clear that ALL mainstream information, visual and propaganda must be scrutinized with God-consciousness and not the human-mind! The human mind as well as the eye, can be very easily deceived! Moving along…

I would love for you guys to check out the message in part one of this video series… If you wish to see the remaining twelve parts; double click on the video screen and it will take you to directly to the Youtube’s play-list.

Thank you in advance for the love and thank brother and family member, I_AM for sending this truthful message to us!


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