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Someone had recently sent an email to my attention, stating that they had seen a video by a well-known self-identified messenger on Youtube. He had expressed in his email letter, that this person had done a vlog, warning and telling of a conspiracy by the 'global rulers' to make people gay by way of chemical warfare -- through the water and food supply. The young man stated that the person who had presented this message, also stated that those who are gay, will go down and 'perish' right along with those who devised and executed such a plan. The person who had written me, stated that 'he' is a 19 year old, self-identified gay male. He had expressed in his email of how terrible, hurt, sad he felt after hearing this message. He had also told me that after watching such a video, he found a video that I had done about loving ourselves unconditionally and the message within this video made him feel better about himself (fine example of synchronicity). In the closing of His email message; this young man stated that he’s feeling very confused and out of balance. He doesn’t know what to believe or what path to take as it relates to his sexual orientation?

When I read this person’s email, I felt their hurt and confusion very strongly. I don’t think that some messengers (be they appointed or self-identified) take into account, the magnitude that their message can have on some people; especially impressionable minds. I had addressed this young man’s concerns more directly and my advice on ways to navigate through this life with the ‘burden and cross’ that he bares (so to speak). This young man’s email letter inspired to write this blog as a reminder to everyone; please put your discernment frames on and remember to ‘feel’ a message from your core and not with the ego or personality that you are temporarily using to experience this reality. I would also like to make everyone a little more mindful of who and what a messenger is and how ‘some’ of them may distort their message (be it consciously or unconsciously). First of all, a messenger may have valuable information and knowledge but a messenger doesn’t necessarily have wisdom. Hence, some people may not have the level of awareness or consciousness to ‘wisely’ execute their message in the most effective way but of course, they are growing and learning still as well. Hence, no messenger is perfect and NO messenger’s ‘message’ is perfect for everyone.

Here’s another layer to the ‘messengers’ that I would like everyone to always keep in mind… For one – all messengers are not representatives for all of society, although some may think or believe that they are. This is because everyone on earth is not here from the same soul-group; we are not ALL on earth under and for the same circumstances, agenda or purpose. The few things that we all have in common no matter what our reasons for being here, is that we either ‘fell’ or agreed to ‘descend’ downward to exist here… Again, we are not here under the same situations. Most messengers are here for their children or family members of their respective soul-groups but in their minds, they may think or believe that the message that they have is for everyone.

The other layer to some messengers is that sometimes, they will deliver a message with their prejudices and biases still in the mix! I am speaking of the ego-conscious levels that they had prior to them supposedly ‘waking up’ or becoming ‘conscious’. Hence, they are delivering the message from their egos and not, the heart of the messages themselves… I have seen some pretty effective and charismatic messengers, prophets and the likes, using their platform to exalt their own prejudices and bias towards a particular race, group, gender, etc. When a messenger takes a public platform, her/his job is not to attack, demonize and make a judgment call about a person or group. They are there to bring information that should lead one towards ‘remembrance’, ‘enlightenment’, ‘self-love’ and ‘self-determination’… The greatest messenger, prophet, deity or leader in history; the one that many call Jesus, did not verbally attack or make public judgments about those who are lost, scared and confused. In fact, he hung out with the outcast and misfits of His time because he too was one but still, he didn’t distort his messages from an inflated-ego – he did it through wisdom and unconditional love… He is most known for showing understanding, consideration and compassion where it mattered but handed down a ‘heavy fist’ if and when the time came to do so.

In closing, I wish to add that there are those who claim to be a messenger or prophet but are nothing more than an agent for a group who seeks to deceive, mislead, manipulate and confuse. I will not cite any specific person or group, who I feel is guilty of this but I will say again; let’s work on our discernment muscles and if we come across a ‘messenger’ whose ‘message’ does not resonate with you OR their message makes you feel terrible, sad or depressed – their ‘message’ IS NOT for you or applicable to you! As I often state; take whatever resonates and leave everything else behind, even this ‘message’ (pun intended)

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