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A Beautiful Thing

Drowned sweetly with tender kisses.

His soft, smiling lips were received.

Breath like the mist upon the mountain where it never misses.

Words that have no say when they want to deceive.

A beautiful thing to create from nothing.

Just a few months but at least it was something.

Displayed richly through your affection.

Such a joy to have and behold.

A treasure so hard to let go.

Nothing more loving could I have told.

Kept me high when I should have been low.

A beautiful thing to be remembered for all time.

Your firm embrace was an easy sign.

Cuddled into your heart like it was cotton wool.

Settled down to hibernate.

Finally I was no one's fool.

All I ever wanted to do was celebrate.

A beautiful thing I can't deny.

Your love fills the night sky.


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