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Chakras are the lights inside of us.

Of course invisible they are on this dimension.

To live fully you should expand each of your chakras with given experiences fitting that chakra.

When you are marching. Expand your root chakras space, how long does it stay open? see if you can hold it open for a longer period of time.

When you hold it longer even for just a little while you expand that chakras space or consciousness. This is good. This is evolution.

Say you are talking to someone and you feel you can no longer speak due to anxiety or something is holding you back, there is a reason and it can be solved by expanding your chakra.

The throat chakra deals with truth and isblocked by lies.

If you are talking to someone and you know you've lied alot during the conversation, you'd do a load better to start telling the truth.

This action in itself will expand your throat chakra and talking will flow alot easier and freely.

Each chakra has its own positive and negative symptoms depending on how you use them...

Search Chakras on your favorite search engine and learn their functions, opening them is a fulfilling experience.


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