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hey all ! first post woo hoo so hope to be findin every1 in good spirits an a shed loada love ta all. so i been into this inner peace for a wile now cant say ive made any rapid progress but heres to perseverance a dude name ben stewart inspired me to take my first steps 6 months ago wid a film caled kymatica so far clearing my mind has proven prety elusive as to date but a few weeks ago i was having a cold shower an i mean cold an i realised after i achieved my first clear mind lolz once the almost close to pain feelin subsided the only way i could cope with the cold was to focus on cancelin that hyperventilation reaction and once i gained control there was peace now ive exsperienced PEACE be it in a very strange form i now know wat im lookin for in my meditation an im closer than ever it also reminded me of cross country as a kid pasin that burn was peacefull aswell so i guess im wonderin if anyone else had any success with similar exsperiences of exstremes pre love and thanks for any positive posts


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