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2 interesting dreams

Greetings! I had 2 of the strangest dreams last night I absolutely must share!

Dream1: This dream took place in some woman's house I never met before. She was telling me about her magical ability to control water. I told her that I was so strong that I could reverse any negative spell cast on me because I knew the universal laws. So she nodded and left the room we were in. Something told me she was casting a spell, so I went into her kitchen, got a glass and waited for the spell to take effect. Sure enough I could sense rain pouring over me, so I went back into the original room and sat the glass where I was sitting and the rain filled the glass. I quickly took the glass in the bathroom with me, lit an incense and started thinking about a desert. Suddenly the glass shattered and she came out saying, "Noone has ever broken my spell! WHO ARE YOU?!?" When I awoke, I had to use the bathroom!

Dream 2: This one is sort of difficult to explain because in this dream I actually explained my dream in the dream! So, I'm in a building that seems familiar to me, but when I walk into this room that looks small from the outside turns out to be huge and all white on the inside. There is an older man there that is trying to fight me, but he keeps getting beat by me. Then, he tries to take energy from me, so I smile and say, "That's not going to work. Let me show you how it's done the right way!" I press my fist against his and I could see him shrinking as I'm taking his energy away! He starts panicking and I told him there is no turning back now and he shriveled up! So, I thought the dream was over and I went out the room and started telling someone I didn't know about this dream and then I realized I was still dreaming! LOL I have no idea what this means! Most of the time I can interpret my dreams pretty well, but I'm stumped. I'm wondering if the person in the second dream was a dream jumper and I caught him and defeated him. I know that I've done some dream jumping when I didn't mean to, but I've never had it happen to me before. In the first dream, I haven't practiced my magick for a week now only because I had a feeling that I needed to rest this past week. I didn't even meditate this week! Well, those are the dreams anyone's thoughts are more than welcome! Wholeness and balanced vibrations to you all!


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