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Question About the Astral Silver Chord

While astral projecting can you die from astral projecting?When an spirit attack your spirit and cause your physical body to die?
Viewer prefers to remain anonymous


My answer to this question is rather short and sweet  -- yes, it is possible IF something or someone cut your etheric life chord to your body and astral double but its very rare.

Hey ABB! I really love your prediction videos and blogs but I noticed that you really don't make them anymore. I am just wondering why don't you do more prediction videos and if you plan on doing any predictions for 2020?

Jay Sims - Seattle Washington

Hello Jay!

I would like to thank you for your kind words and support. You are correct, I don't do prediction videos or blogs as much as I had done in the past and the reason(s) are multiple. For starters, I still do readings on a case by case basis but in a more private manner. Those of us who do authentic readings put a lot into our readings and for this alone, the energy that it takes to do so can be a lot and very draining on our bodies. In essence, I stopped doing public predictions mostly due to feeling as if the work wasn't as supported, respected or appreciated as it should be. I had to reassess why bother giving predictions for the masses when the masses seem to be more interested in fear-porn, charlatans and deceptive entities. In a nutshell, I've decided to shift my energy in this regard in a direction that I know would be most appreciated, with those who are willing to give an energy exchange for the work. 

I will not be doing any videos or blogs specifically aimed at predictions of any kind no time soon but that doesn't mean that I will not do them, if needed or prompt by the Almighty I AM presence. So by all means, stay tuned!


What's Happening With My Astral Projection Experiences?

I don't know if it is astral projection or OBE. But it terrifies me as it happens involuntarily in the middle of the night. It seems to happen whenever i am extremely stressed , or emotionally devastated . Almost as if my soul is trying to escape and take a break. It scares me so much because I think I am dying or being possessed.. so I fight it. Mentally not physically.. because I am paralyzed. It's like electrical shock ( not painful) and loud whooshing train sound and I feel like I'm having a seizure. Last night it happened repeatedly and I kept fighting it. Plus.. I will hallucinate and think I did things or see things that I thought were real,.. but maybe a dream? Not cool stuff like fly around the neighborhood or see planets and such. Just mundane things like wander my room or hallway. Either way it has happened for years against my will. I become so scared I call out mentally to Jesus.. then it usually stops. But as soon as I drift off it will happen again. I'm so confused. To be honest it has been such a bad and traumatic few years that I will self medicate with wine and I wonder if that is the issue?

- Anonymous  -

ABB's Response; 


This is a very common side effect of the 'awakening' process... The thing that is scaring you is the unfamiliarity of it all... Tthe fear of the unknown in conjunction to your previous programming... You would do better with this if you would simply relax, focus on your breathing (in through the nose and out through the mouth) and allow the process to be what it is... What you will find is that once you let go - you will become familiar with the feeling and everything that comes along with it and will loose the fear... Once you loose the fear - you can then begin controlling the experiences and learn a lot about whats really going on... Hence, once you will become familiar with the feeling and everything that comes along with it and will loose all of the fear and will by default create a space to go to the next level...

What Am I Doing Wrong When Trying to Astral Project?

What's up Abb?! I have been trying for months to astral project. One time, I got really, really close but I when I felt like I couldn't control my body and those vibrations kicked in I tried to move and I messed up! Can you please tell me what did I do wrong? What can I do to get to the next level? Love what you are doing to help us to understand!

Edward C - Raleigh North Carolina

ABB's Response;

Hello Edward!

What typically happens with most of us when we initially achieve the state that you have described is that, we tend to either become really excited; nervous or afraid. We know something is really happening and it can be a bit overwhelming at first because the vibratory state is not something most of us are consciously used to experiencing. Therefore, when the vibrations start kicking in and we try to physically or emotionally influence the situation - adrenaline is released and this of course, awakens the body but remember, the key to a fully conscious experience is to fool the body to remain asleep, as your mind remains wide awake! 

In essence, you must first get used to the feeling of the vibrations and once you get used to that, remain as still and relaxed as possible by focusing on your breathing (in through the nose out through the mouth)... DO NOT TRY TO CONTROL your body or the experience - just let what occurs unfold and go along with it and observe the ride. Never give any thought, focus or attention to fear or anxiousness. Practice makes perfect! You WILL inevitably make a breakthrough. Keep the faith!


Help! My Life Seems To Be Falling Apart!

Hi ABB! 

I recently lost my dream job, broke up with my boyfriend who I have been with for 7 years and if that isn't bad enough, I am facing being evicted from my apartment because my savings is low and my employment insurance isn't enough to make ends meet. I feel like my world is literally falling apart! Can you please give me a reading or some advice or some words of encouragement? I love your vibe! 

Ann T. - Boston, Massachusetts

ABB's Response;

Greetings Ann!

My dearly departed mother used to tell my siblings and I that, should we live long enough, we just about everyone on the planet will eventually go through  everything from job loss,relationship challenges to financial crisis, health issues and so on but she would also say that 'it's not the experiences that could break us, it's about the lessons learned and the wisdom gained that  makes us!' I used my mother's wise words as a premise because not only is she right but we witnessed and learned from her the working knowledge of her words told to us years before and she definitely practices what she preached and we paid attention! Now you are being called to show what you are made of - so roll up your sleeps and lets get into it!

For starters, take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth! We are at a time in history whereby a huge wave in consciousness and energetic shift forcing an acceleration in transformation, healing and learning on multiple levels. Therefore, it is no coincidence that just about everyone we know is most likely experiencing what appears to be multiple crisis all at once. I share the aforementioned because it's normal to feel as if you are going through these things alone and I can assure you that you are not! Secondly, its time for you to put aside your pride and reach out to family, friends, associates and organizations who have the kind of help and resources that you need in order to help you to cope and get over... List the categories you need the most help in and get online, pull out the yellow pages and look for local, governmental programs in your area that can provide you the any assistance that they may have available. Update your resume and keep it in circulation but I would also recommend that you begin using your skill set and talent to become your own boss. There are very popular and successful platforms online such as and others, whereby you can create an account and provide private consulting services to people seeking your expertise! Be as resourceful and creative as possible!

Also, take this time to begin reflecting and working on yourself from improving your self esteem, releasing past hurts and traumas to learning to be just as happy alone single, as you would be in a relationship! Do not bother dating or trying to forge any other relationships outside of the one you MUST begin building with and for 'self'... Set the intent to do everything that I've listed and do it confidently and be consistent and I promise that within 7 months (at the most), you will see not only a 'complete' and radical change in your life but within (most of all) yourself. You are destined for greatness - now is the time to build the bridge to get there and when you get there -- you will OWN IT!

Immeasurable love, always!


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