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Id like to point

Im guilty of doing this as well also those I text over the internet

Im for authentic expression that includes shadow self when agreed upon 
People have the tendency to let their shadow self express in the middle of a conversation or randomly make a self affirmation that should be reflected upon self.
Social media such as Facebook is infamous for this "Whats on your mind" i think this goes in hand with one of Abbs videos "Astral Perception" but instead its sub concious affirmation.
Sensory perception and technology share an interesting relationship.

I notice some people personally writing me with self affirmations that starts off with "I can't' or "I don't' which is fine but i'll respond with "I can" or "I will"   
Some people who are sensitive will sub conciously pick up on these things...If they know it or not.. 

Hopefully I can shed some light on to why some individuals feel 'stuck' things have a way of coming back to them especially if theyre the ones typing the word or writing it.

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Sub conscious perception*
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Deep observation and realisation Andrew... Keep on sharing and caring :)


“Keep it growing and flowing”

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Thank you Boo! Of course, slowly making progress and a comeback!
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