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A while ago...a long time ago (I even posted here about this experience) i was meditating and i had an actual vision where everything was just as vivid if not more than our currently reality. I only posted the experience here, and not my thoughts. It's been years since I had this vision, but only within the past year and a half I finally think i've begun to understand it's meaning since ironically it took a lot of reflection.


I'm in my bathroom standing in the mirror. I'm looking directly at my own face, into my eyes; dead on. 

A very short vision indeed, but it was VERY vibrant. I know visualization is a thing, but that's something i'm not too good at, and instead my 'dreams' help me in terms of visuals, but my point is i know this was a 'vision'!! And the only one i've had thus far. I'm more familiar with dreams, lucid or not, even out of body..dare i say clairvoyant dreams? but visions? Noo0oo0o. I never denied their existence. It's just that the only times we EVER hear about visions are in movies lol.

Getting back to the vision. I find it rather ironic that I had a vision of myself looking into a mirror while meditating. Meditating can be used to focus, to release, and even reflect amongst other things. So, when you're standing in the mirror, what are you actually looking at? of course we're looking at our reflections, but what does that even mean? Am i looking at my physical animal vessel? or am i looking at my own mentally idealized form of self? who's even asking that question? is my physical vessel inquiring about the spirit within or vice versa? or both? *head explodes in a slimy iridescence*

I know that i'm of a deeper, richer tone, I know that i'm more lean, i'm of a height where I'm surrounded by equal parts of tall and short people, my hair is long and jet-black. But i also know that some people have more of a warped sense of self. Body dysmorphia should come to mind. I know that self is unlimited and infinitely deep, but on a more mundane, 3D level [here] it seems like we're a mixture of the two (physical vessel vs curious soul[or think 'Animal-God']). We see our physical form but it's usually tinged or sometimes even dictated by our actual sense of self or maybe even by our sense of being having. 

a fine mixture of story and ramble. 



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Interesting vision! My take on this, is that it is a metaphor that 'you' are aware of 'yourself', and 'yourself' is showing you, in some form, that it is aware back at 'you' ;)
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Wow I totally missed that. I kept thinking of the reflection as myself, but I never thought of it as its own sentient being. Thank you for your share.

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