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Firstly , to put out very recent dream I had regarding "The Event" - or galactic superwave :

11.3.2018. - This dream was about the Event , or , more precisely , about the prelude to the Event and a big ship visible in the sky . In dream , I woke up in bed - not in my apartment , but in my grandfathers house - note how it is interesting as Im waking up from a dream within a dream . There is an instant feeling and knowing of huge happenings occuring around and within me ( almost like happenings are going for days ? ) , and I get weird feelings that any beings or entities "could appear in the bedroom or anywhere" ( the beings look more like "Greys" , but it could be archetype that is put forward ... ) ... I talk to my mother , and she says about huge ship that people see outside . Interestingly , the ship is presented to me in a form of model even before I went out to check it . The ship is a triangular shaped ( with smooth , not jagged points ) and with one big circle in the middle . The ship is light pink-reddish colored everywhere except within a circle in middle , which is light yellow . Thats not necessarily a true look and colors of the vessel - but thats how ship is visible to people outside . As I go out to check it ( its early evening outside ) , I see same vessel on the horizon ... it looks like it is huge , altough it is in LEO or even MEO , circling around Earth so everyone could see it . I can hear voices of people all around , not within me , but all around , as theyre all seeing that vessel and are confused , stunned and some of them surely afraid a bit ...

Even more weird things start to occur in few moments , as there are weird surges of energy all around ... I hear them clearly , they sound like electricity current , and I have feeling theyre "static discharges and vortexes" . This "amping up" of energies around causes my vision to become weirdly blue-tinted . I realize this was , possibly , the pre-Event occurance , altough it could be the Event itself , too .

"The Event" is a superwave of immense energy emanating from the central Galactic Sun towards our planet , and that is a complete planetary reality shift and societal reset event - the wave is an "impulse from God" , as every being is a God itself in fractalized form . There are proofs these waves occured every 13000 years , and every 26000 years as a bigger , more destructive , event  . Fortunately - this one is a "mild" , 13 000 one . It was also presented through various sources , from various religious distortions which usually presented in through fear ( "Rapture" , "End of the World" ) or simply as disinformation or even misunderstanding . The galactic superwave is also a topic of some particular scientists - most known is dr. Paul LaViolette , which started his research on the topic as early as 1980s . The whole topic got really "heated" up since and prior to 2012. , especially as one known source under the name of "COBRA" ( COBRA - "COmpression BReakthrough" , which is the Event ) went out and put tons of information about it , and how "The Event" links both cosmic and internal event with financial and global reset and defeat of the "Cabal" into one massive happening that is unprecedented in way how it is supposed to shift the humanity . There are many more sources and channelings about it . Most known sources were lately from QHHT practitioners and their clients ( QHHT is Quantum Healing Therapy , pioneered by Dolores Cannon ) which communicate with their Higher Selves - lots of information has been focused exactly around the Event - the way how all Souls converged on Earth now , in one particular place and time , to experience this "graduation" . You can check more about that from Youtube channels of Alba Weinman and Allison Coe , there are many videos of QHHT sessions . 

I usually very often take all information with a BIG grain of salt . Especially channelings . But when some "odd" happenings , or dream , or vivid experiences affect me directly , then I know I have a direct confirmation . The energies , experiences and even above dream I put , all speak to me one thing - the Event is definetly a real thing , we cannot know exact date or moment , but we have signs as we are nearing it . In my thoughts , I think these signs will intensify more and more as we close on ... we will possibly even have direct physical confirmations just before the main Event . Yesterday , I felt an odd surge in my right arm - it was not a "typical feeling" , but a different "static electricity surge" . We cannot know the time - but I would personally say , that we wont leave 2018. without the Event occuring . You see , absolutely EVERYTHING is related to it , the global financial reset , the releasing of supressed technologies , the roundup and arrests of Cabal and their lackeys , the full exposure of everything and everyone - from hidden history , to hidden hands , to hidden treasures ... within the people . I think my feelings werent off radar ... last year I went through a heavy period and had my doubts about this year ... but this year is completely different in its way , again . For too long there was a "suspended in the air expectations and tangible tension" , which only in last months of last year , and this year , began to sprout into something concrete . 

I see a warmth ... feel a warmth - not just outside ( well , it was pretty cold just a week or two ago ) , but within humans , and how humans are preparing , even when theyre not fully aware of it . Everyone is preparing ... there arent many people who would be here if they werent expecting this , and even they would doubtfully be "humans" . 

I personally think .... when the Event hits , it will return the clarity into every human , the ability to choose on even field . Not through manipulated reality it is now , where decisions are made or supressed based on false values and distortions , but on true , real , humanistic , heart-based values . There would be a very small fraction of humanity that would Ascend immediately . The very small fraction that is in opposite spectrum , the "Cabal" and "Dark ones" that are incapable to go through the Event fully , they will probably "self-destruct" ( read : commit suicide ) in short time . Some of them could probably choose to truly genuinely convert themselves back to right path of service-to-others . However , everyone , including those who are incapable to progress further in new reality , will be treated with respect - no energy can be destroyed , their energy will only be relocated in new reality , new planet that fits more to their Soul progress currently . I dont feel there will be a big "loss of life" - there could be a various floodings and rising of ocean levels , but people will have plenty of time . I think there will be massive "people migrations" , as everyone will feel 100 % they need to reinvent themselves and their life completely . It seems like everyone could experience the Event completely unique - everyone has a unique path , and everyone will experience it uniquely . How it will look like ? Nobody knows ... but from QHHT sessions many noted a "rainbow colored mist" that showered everyone and everything .

Whatever happens - know that what happens within you is far more greater and powerful than you can imagine at this point , because you were conditioned , parasited off , even tortured ( psyhically and some people physically , too ) . When the Veil breaks , when the Veil pierces ... you will simply know , and you will very probably know before that something will occur . You wont need news , and question is , even if majority of electronics will work properly at that time . Everybody would be preoccupied 100 % with what is happening within them . I dont think there will be much of chaos ... the chaos was and is constantly already now in minds and hearts of people . Be ready - not by expecting something and pinpointing exact dates , but by immersing yourself into that mentality and the way of your Heart - to be a truly Hue-man again . Your dreams are a true happening - the only thing between them and you are the mind tricks and implants , the time-space and parasitic-competitive-codependent  reality , that tries to influence you and persuade you at every possible moment to drop them .

I think that every single being on this planet will soon realize how it is ESSENTIAL part of the Creation . Not only that , but that it is a CORE of the Creation . 


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Profound behind the scenes visions and revelations fam ;) I have had similar 'lucid' dreams and make no mistake about it - we are definitely on the same page! As always - thanks for sharing! :D


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Thank you fo sharing! I also remind myself to take these kinds of thing bit a grain of salt. I have not had any dreams about this event but seeing what your shared makes me a little hopeful that a change will come soon. And I'd like to share a clip from the movie called "Annihilation" that features something people have said that's similar to this "rainbow color mist" that QHHT session have been talking about.

Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKg7kmfFP3g


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