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Just this night I came to a new realization. For over two years I've been "trying to maintain my prefered state of [i] emotional [/i] being". Notice the word emotional. Many may have heard of the idea that a chattering mind, that is, a chattering of words, can cause a lot of pain. Well, it turns out that even emotions can chatter. For example, if I say the word "Peace", it may invoke a certain emotion in you. It is easy to believe, like I did, that maintaining a certain state of emotion will somehow benefit you. However, this night I found out that so is not the case. There was actually a voice in my head that said "chattering mind" as I would lay and observe my emotional state. Now I feel freed. Freed from the confusion and suffering that my misunderstanding has caused me


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Zena Faye
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Congratulations sweety!



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