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For a long time I have been wanting to plan on going deep in the bermuda triangle to find out what is really going on out there. Now people could say its one thing or the other, and or that it would be a stupid thing to do. I dont plan for sure on going there , but it is a possibility nonetheless. I just cant help but want to find out myself firsthand, though curiosity killing the cat is what I ment end up in for it lol. What are your ideas on what happens in the Bermuda Triangle and other places like it?

this is just me but in my mind I imagine going deep into the triangle and seeing a large pyramid arise from the ocean that is crystallized, but thats all I can muster when I imagine going in this scenario. Weird/ but it might not be that far off.

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"want to find out myself firsthand"?

Do you want to disappear?


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