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Hey fam :)

I'm thinking more along the lines of in nature, anything in nature.

If we are derivatives and descendants of mother nature, then shouldn't our nature [to a degree] reflect mother nature? We are caricatures of mother nature is how i see it. 

I would identify with ice. I'm in actuality a water element. I have a pretty good understanding of my zodiac, but i take the elements more seriously than i do the zodiacs. Ice is a water element, but in a different form. It burns like fire, think 'freeze-dry'. Ice is similar to earth in the sense that it's rigid, somewhat sturdy, and certainly not fluid. Unlike earth which crumbles, ice does shatter lol.

Ice can and eventually change it's form and melt away, and hopefully embrace the form of all of its obstacles.

What about you?


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I have 2 strongest elements in me, earth and fire. Fire mostly due to my zodiac sign (Aries). The earth I think is more about my life and upbringing. My town I live in, very grounded place. It is a mining town, and has literally a lot of black rock all around the place. The people here dress a lot in black lol, so it's like a collective grounded vibe. 

So those 2 influences have shaped me into what I am now. Good question. Thanks for posting.


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Randus Phillips (Randy)
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"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." - Albert Einstein

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I dont know for sure but i have a feeling it might be air

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@lisaj, love it!! if you didn't mind i briefly read some of it to my mom, she enjoyed your post too n_n the color black is typically seen as dark, mysterious, magical, even bad sometimes, but i see it also as fertile..like the dark womb, or dark soil.

@hawk, @randus, and @apple. Would you guys care to explain why? just curious..

As for water and ice, I identify with water because i'm open and fluid, and capable of embracing obstacles or situtations. Water is seen as emotional, like tears, drowning in emotion, or think storms. Water is transformative and takes on many forms. Ice is rigid, cold and it shatters. Ice also burns in its own way.


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