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Andrew Eblen
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I'm not sure if anyone has heard about tinnitus but the condition involves ringing in the ears. I have had this condition on and off myself. I've read online that's it's actually quite common. Personally the only time I ever notice it is when I'm lying down at night with absolutely no sound. Usually, it's very minor but there are some nights where I'm trying to meditate and it gets exceptionally loud to a point of seriously bothering me and I have to play some music to drown it out. On the few nights where it gets loud I use my Ipod and play quiet music such as classical to help me sleep. It works but still, I'm wondering if I could find a permanent solution to berid myself of tinnitus altogether. 

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Site Owner
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I am familiar with this for sure but I am not sure that there's anything that can be done to stop it altogether because sometimes ,that high pitch effect has to occur in order to communicate with other realms of consicousness, as well as opening portals and doorways. If I get a download or revelation regarding ways around this - I will surely share it.


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I can never remember not having it.  I dont know of any way to get rid of it.  Right now it is very loud, other times when there are things going on,  I dont notice it much.  Seams its something you just get use to.  I want to plug my ears but as if that will help.  Your right though, listening to other sounds does drowned it out and help.  


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