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Randus Phillips (Randy)
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I present this article in honor and loving memory of my late father who had recently made his transition on Saturday, October 28, 2017. (November 5th 1951 – October 28th 2017)


Astralboobaby and I had already talked about some of the things that I'm going to share here but to be honest I don't know where to start at but I think it's best for me to start at the beginning of my earliest memories of recollection of the people that I'm closest with today since the age of 16 to 18 months.


Well, I knew my father loved me let me to death but he wasn't the world's best father but still there is that unconditional love factor that some children has. It because he was a functioning alcoholic and a cocaine addict I was looked down upon as someone that will fall into the same traps but I didn't.


He was quite comical in its own way, the things that had always made me laugh to this day was 1) when I was a wee little whippersnapper 18 months to the ages of 4 years or so when I was about to get into something or do something that he didn't approve of he would give me this crazy look with his eyes wide open and makes the sounds that monsters or cave people make. (WO-GA! WO-GA! WO-GA! BLU-BA! BLU-BA! BLU-BA!) And I pretty much knew what that meant, and my older sisters had said the same thing, that he used to do the same thing with them when they were very young. Nobody else in the family understood that “coded language” but we did though. In fact my aunts and uncles on my father side used to tell father when he would do that “that we're not monsters or cave people.” 2) Although this isn't funny, but when my father used to accidentally bang his toe when the metal leg of the bed frame and he was start cursing like a drunken sailor used to make me laugh so hard that my gut hurt. It wasn't funny that he hit his toe, but those old time bed frames where box spring rested on made a very strange and distinct sound. (Behemmn) and the sound will reverberate slightly. And every bed frame of that type made the same sound if you accidentally bashed your toe up against it but with a slightly different pitch.


3) My father worked in a restaurant a lot, chopping up the vegetables in different herbs and spices. And he had access to the vodka and wine he will more often than not come home in a drunken state talking out of this it a little bit, and he would talk about “That Bitch!” or those “Mother-Fuckers” on his job that are causing him a hardship. So much so that when he would fall asleep he would start arguing in his sleep and then start slapping himself across his face and punching himself in the chest. And he wouldn't wake up neither. And when I would question him on this the following morning he said the people on his job gets on his nerves.


And last but not least 4) it was a very cold winter evening back in 2003. And it was the type of cold that was bone chilling and I mean that literally. I had down a cup of hot tea, I was in my pajamas that would usually keep me warm, and I wrapped myself up under my sheets and blankets. But I just couldn't get warm for the life of me. But I'm glad that he caught me with this because this was some excellent advice. I had just began to fill the bathtub with water as hot as I could take it. And he give me that look again with his eyes but he said in a sort of sarcastic way “Bbooiiiiiii!!! Don't you climb yourself into that tub of hot water while you're still cold like that! You'll be yelling, screaming and crying. And he mentioned how his old time friends that had done it and their bodily reactions and how my uncle Willie had did that. And then he said ask your uncle Willie about it my father giggled slightly, he'll tell you aallllll about it.“ But also sympathized with me and told me to wait one hour at least before soaking in a hot bath.


But I knew better than to do what I was getting ready to do, but I didn't care back that time because my main M.O. was to get my skinny scrawny self back at that time warm again. For those who know what it feels like to jump into a swimming pool of cool water during an extremely hot summer's day knows how much of a shock that it seems at first. But I also had a habit of running hot water on my hands when I would come in from outside from the extremely cold temperatures but I would move my hands back and forth, back and forth very swiftly though. And I would feel that strange ache and pain slightly that my father had mentioned as described by his friends when he was a youngster and my uncle Willie.


Well in the year of 2001 was when all of the chaos had started, I was very ticked off at my father for this for causing my mother and I to have them move around a whole lot because of his habits. And every time my aunts and uncles on my mom's side of the family would go beyond their limits of drinking there will always be these arguments, and there were numerous complaints from the neighbors. And the only way to get rid of the commotion was to get rid of us, so throughout my years we moved from place to place to place. And I resented him for this clean up into year of 2012. Because when he got drunk enough, he basically said he didn't care and he didn't give a fuck, and if he felt that way then why should I? Instead of my father stopping at that point where he's a little buzzed but tell stories of how was a cute little baby and the things that I used to do and stuff. And how I am his only son out of the three kids that he had and how my older sisters were crazy about me when I was a baby. I would've had nothing against him drinking if he took a sip or two and then put the bottle down. But he had to go overboard and this was just the start of my troubles with him.


In June 2003, his mother had passed away, followed by his very close sister in September 2003, his sister already had heart trouble and being that she was very close to her mother, when her mother had passed away. She had died in her sleep those short three months later of congestive heart failure due to her grief. And my mother would always tell my father about two or three years afterwards to “Man-up and that they were not coming back into this lifetime.” And this ties into what Astralboobaby had mentioned in one of his videos about how we curse ourselves. When my father got liquored up enough he was say things like nobody understands my pain, and one of these these the “angel of death” will visit your side of the family. And every time he got drunk enough he would literally clasped his hands together and would look upwards and ask, beg and pleaded with God “To please let something really bad happen to my mother's side of the family city can understand his pain, to please just let that death angel touch my mother's side of the family city can understand his pain of what he's going through.”


Well let me tell you something, he had gradually began to receive his wish and have this prayers answered but not in the way that he expected it. In the year of 2006, my mother's health was on a rapid decline due to complications from her diabetes and having strokes. In November 2006 my great-grandmother and my mother's side had transitioned, and in March 2007 my mother had made her transition. In this had took a huge chunk out of my fathers heart from this point forward he was never the same since. And he had all of this guilt built up within him because he said that he was extremely drunk and that he didn't mean to say all little things that he said anything very sorry that he said them.


I had still honored my dead mother's wish literally, she had visited me in the astral realm a few hours before her transition and told me “That she has to go now, please keep and eye on my father.” And in late 2006 to very early 2007 my father was trying to get himself back together but this was one huge setback that he did not need. He started back to drinking and druging and again after being clean for three months so much to the point where he started to have heart trouble and had a stroke in the summer of 2007. But he recovered from the stroke very well and I still visit and why was in a hospital and everything and visit him on a regular basis until my health took a turn for the worse when my genetic disorder that I've inherited from my father had took its toll on me. In 2011 my father had drank so much to the point where his blood was literally toxic that he died but it was a good thing the somebody was near the was able to rush him back to the hospital and resuscitate him and re-balance the electrolytes in his bloodstream. In a put a defibrillator inside his heart, 2012 was the last time that he's had any type of illegal drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. And it was at this point that he had began to make changes for the better and when I saw that he had a change of heart and didn't get cold feet as he used to I had a change of heart, in 2013 he was finally sincere in seeking my forgiveness for all of the mental and emotional pain and troubles that he had caused me and I forgive him. But since he was a heavy drinker throughout most of those years of his life, here is where his complications had began a kick in. Fluid kept filling inside his lungs and he kept catching pneumonia, and then in 2015 he had gout in his knees. And these complications just kept coming back, he also had cataracts in his eyes and we had our little heart to heart talks. And I told him but not in a bashing sort of manner but with compassion that I presume that he knows that some of this is related to his heavy alcohol use throughout his life. And he said the doctors had told him that. During those 25 minutes where he was clinically dead back in 2011, I asked him what did he see? He said that he saw this area that was a very, very dark, dark, dark gray. (He went to that 'void' realm / outer darkness / purgatory.) And he felt isolated, lost and alone.


As a beginning clear his mind more, he had asked me what he ever see my mother again and all of the others that had went on before him. And I told him yes, at his appointed time, and that is heart, mind and soul has to be a lot lighter than what it is now or else you'll be weighed down here and those lower realms that are very close to this physical realm. (Earthbound and Void realms) my father will come up to visit me time to time when he wasn't too busy attending to his medical appointments. But in a year of 2016 was the beginning of the end of his physical life on earth. He always talked about being extremely tired and out of breath, and he was skip out on his medical appointments and would often want to reschedule. And that extreme tiredness was the beginning of the cancer that was starting to form inside of his body and it's ironic how an early 2016 I had shown him video clips on YouTube about independent researchers that were killed or made to look crazy who had very promising breakthroughs and even cured some people of cancer. And the last time that I saw my father when he was still of sound mind before the cancer spread at all throughout his body and took its toll was the first week in August 2017 this year.


I was coming back home from outpatient physical therapy and I had just got inside my apartment and drove my power wheelchair into my air-conditioned room to escape the heat and I hear my aunt yell to me and said that my father is here. And note my father hated the summer heat, and I had like a sinking feeling in my gut, I just thought to myself for a few short moments and I asked my home health aid to help me turn my power chair around and I went back outside in my father was in his power wheelchair we both went across the street into the community park and found some shade under tree. And we had our heart to heart talk again one last time. And I have been feeling extremely tired, drained, having pounding headaches and having all of these feelings of foreboding and I knew that his time was coming but it was just a matter of when but nobody likes to prepare or to think about the death of their parents.


But my father had asked me what he ever see my mother again, and what do I think that heaven is like.

And I had told him yes he will, in all of the others that he loved to have went before him. And we talked about my uncle Willie, he had transition in July 2016 he had got run over by a bus. And my father had told me how he tried to stop him and he had a bad vibe about him but he didn't want to listen, and my father had said that something was telling him in his gut to follow my uncle Willie to the bus stop at least to make sure that he got on safely.


But I told my father that this planet Earth is actually a mirror reflection of heaven “on earth as it is in heaven” but heaven, the spiritual realms are infinite. Imagine this planet with all of its continents, bodies of water and plants in his perfected, unspoiled, divine state of being. Imagine no pollution, no violence, no overcrowding and free access to all of the wisdom and knowledge that he would like to have inside of the libraries, study halls, and research temples that reside on the other side. Imagine a place where the weather is perfect a lovely 75 to 78°F in all of the architecture is Romanesque and radiate pure white light and divine unconditional of the true Almighty Prime Source Creator. And no, there is no wrathful judgmental God that sitting on a throne. There is nothing but unconditional love, forgiveness, bliss, happiness and peace on those higher realms of light. And my father had just stared up into the sky and said “Daammmnnnn!!” In a tone of amazement and in shock and all and he had a slight smile. I had shown him video clips of people who have had near-death experiences during the year of 2013 and how 85% of them are positive, 3% of them are neutral in 11% of them are negative (but when the people called out to God or a higher spiritual guru or teacher in religious texts the experiences became positive)


And I was very concerned, and I kept asking my father was he all right and was he feeling okay. He had told me yeah, that he keep getting fluid in his knees and in his lungs and that he has times where he's excessively tired and he doesn't know why and the doctors can't quite figure out why. My father and I talked for about an hour and a half my aunt had gave two bottles of ice cold water to take with him and I remember telling him because I was afraid for him to be careful and to try and drive in the shade whenever possible. And I kept thinking to myself that it was unlike my father to drive up here in this power wheelchair 15+ blocks in this dangerous 95° heat. Something kept telling me within my heart and within my gut that something is wrong, something is terribly wrong. But I guess my father didn't want me to worry because I have my own health problems that I'm dealing with. Now fast-forward to October 14th this year of 2017. I get a very disturbing phone call from my aunt when his side of the family that my father is in a hospital and that his kidneys and liver have failed in that he is in critical condition and that is very adamant about wanting to see me. The following day I rushed down there. And what I saw had literally frightened me.



"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." - Albert Einstein

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Randus Phillips (Randy)
Posts: 710

Part 2

My father was drugged up on pain medicine, but he was able to speak and acknowledged me somewhat but he had some mess that had grew in his neck to the point where his neck had swollen they gave him a little radiation treatment but it was just too late there was nothing more they could do and it had affected his swallowing he was on a liquid and a purée diet. The doctors had managed to get his kidneys and liver functioning again but I just knew that it was the beginning of the end of his physical life on this realm of existence. My father had asked me about how everybody was doing my mother's side of the family and then he had very faintly said the words “Prayer, we have to pray, we must pray.”


So I held his hand and I said the traditional “Lord's Prayer” he was a nonpracticing Roman Catholic. And my father had never ever asked me to hold his hand and pray for him until then, my father believed in praying silently to The Creator from his heart, those preachers yelling very loudly and speaking in tongues was a huge turnoff for him as far as church goes. As I was saying the prayer he was trying to repeat after me the best he could and when I got to the part of forgive us our “trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us” I had literally felt the last residual darkness, hurt and pain that was buried deep within the core of my being, got released and was replaced once again with the love that I had for him when I was just a toddler 16 to 18 months of age and it made my eyes water a little bit. And my father had kept on asking how much longer he had.


A few days later he had got a little more energy and he wasn't as drugged up as much, and my cousin on my mother side have video called me and me and my father have finally got our last words in, I had told him that I loved him very much. And he told me the same thing that he loved me too and to wish him luck. And he was very adamant about sticking around until at least his 66th birthday which would have been today (November 5th) but his body gave out on him. As I was putting together a playlist for him on my iPod to play for him to hear one last time a few tears that came to my eyes. I know my soul needed that detox so I let myself cry those 2 to 3 minutes. And I have went to sleep with the intention of astrally traveling to him to give him some of my energy and my love to help him last here just a little bit longer. And I vaguely remember this but I remember saying him with much love and compassion “Although the choice is yours, you can leave now and go on to the other side to be with my mother again which you so longed for and give her a big hug for me or you can try and last until your birthday.” And it was like magic, he was cussing the doctors and saying “I don't know what you are talking about, I'm sticking around until my birthday at least.” And that same morning, I had smoked his scent around me, that distinct smell that was in his clothes when he would come home from work after chopping up a whole lot of different vegetables, herbs and spices. And it's very interesting that Fats Domino had make this transition 4 days before my father made his transition, because I was grabbing all of my father's favorite songs that were made by Fats Domino. “Blueberry Hill” and “Ain't That a Shame”.


Ain't That a Shame https [:/] /www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6JZW7zMDfY My father loved the beat to this song the “Thump-Thump” beat.


Blueberry Hill https [:/] /www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQQCPrwKzdo


My father loved DooWoop and lots of other songs from the 1950s-1960s but his number one artist that he loved the best with Elvis Presley.


And on Saturday, October 28, 2017, I got the call to get down to the hospital that all my father's organs has shut down and that he'll dead within two hours. I arrived there my sister was there and I held my father's arm, and he managed to cling on eight hours longer than what the doctors have predicted. His eyes was rolled in the back of his head his mouth was wide open and he couldn't speak, my sister and I kept whispering to him and telepathically saying it's okay to just let go. About three hours after I arrived at around 6:08 PM my father's body had begin to shut down and to take it last breaths. It's like he was there but he wasn't there, because I still saw the reflexes in his body was still jolting a little bit but his eyes stayed open rolled in the back of his head. The whole time I was there, it's like his spirit was fighting to cling here but through all our prayers he had finally lit his broken body go, and as is viral started to zero out I have set the Lord's prayer again and literally right after I said Amen my sister whispered that it's okay you can do it that he does one last breath you can go and he went. He had took his last breath @ 6:09~6:10pm 06/09 was his closest sister birthday that had transitioned in September 2003. And 06/10 was his mother's birthday who had transitioned in June 2003. Today in remembrance of my father my aunt and I played all of his favorite songs and had a big dinner. Now all my father's side of the family next Sunday on the 12th a remembrance dinner will be held at my aunt's house my father side of the family. My father wouldn't want me to mourn nor grieve too hard nor too long. I had woke up at 6:15am that morning on the day of his death with a mother fucking headache that was out of this world.

And I kept on telling my aunt that I live with, my father is going, I don't know how to explain it. And of course she says. “You don't know that God calls the shots, He has the final say so!” After we had got back home I asked her “How many more times do I have to tell you that the 'spiritual heart' and our 'souls' knows more than what our limited “3D cardinal and intellectual minds know?” She couldn't speak all that she could say was that my psychic premonitions was right again. I hope that this would serve as a catalyst for me to anchor these energies even more and to ultimately master my emphatic abilities and gain more as time goes on.


P.S. my sister had saw a Caterpillar outside of the hospital crawling outside of the doorway the revolving doors a week before my father's transition. And Astralboobaby has confirmed this for me as a sign from the heavens that a Caterpillar symbolizes a metamorphosis and that my father will soon become that mighty, majestic, beautiful butterfly and much greater.


And here's the poem that's on his obituary.


I'm free


Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free I'm following the path God laid for me I took His hand when I head Him call; I turned my back and left it all.I could not stay another day. To laugh, to love to work or play. Tasks left undone must stay that way, I found that place at the close of day. If my parting has left a void. Then fill it with remember joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss;

Ah yes, these things, I too will miss. Do not be burdened with times of sorrow I wish you to sunshine of tomorrow. My life's been full I've savored much; good friends, good times a loved one's touch. Perhaps my time seems all too brief; don't lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift your heart and share with me God wanted me now he set me free.

To keep from feeling sad a few moments after he took his last breath, my father's sister had cracked a little joke and said that my father is probably "up there" asking my unccle Willie why in the hell did he do that shit!? Chasing after that bus while he was drunk and got run over.

I'm glad that he's no longer suffering nor grieving over my mother anymore and that they're together now. After they catch up on everything, I want them to help fight for me on my behalf with these parasites that visit me at certain times. And to help bring even better clarity to my dreams and astral travels.

I have done my best to help make his transition as smooth as possible. Before his transition I degcreed and declaired any negative cords involving him and I to be neutralized with love and understanding. I wanted to make sure that he made it to the realms of light this time or else I was going to help escort him during my astral travels.


"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." - Albert Einstein

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