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I don't know this was all about. I had a hard time going to sleep, then when I did this happened.

I was in a dream. I can separate the dream into three different parts. I will quickly summarize it.

  • Scene 1: My brother and I left a empty building to get something. We came back, and the building was full of people. We exited, I marked something on the ground as if to test something, and we entered the building to find it was empty again.
  • Scene 2: I couldn't see, but could find my way inside a room. I woke up my family in that room. I poked through an open door frame and saw into a kitchen with what appearred to be a door that was not closed across from where I stood. I turned back inside the room and told everyone I can't see.
  • Scene 3: I sat down on a tiny oval table by the window in a tiny room. We were talking about a time when we were in another form. Strange then I had the vision of being in that form. When the vision ended, I saw the lady sitting across from me again. The table had a bunch of little tiny pearls. She told me to grab one. I reached out with my right hand and froze. My hand shifted to the edge of the table and shook, while my body lean back against the chair. I felt this immense pressure came down on my upper body. It was easy to assume this was an OBE or astral projection, but then I felt something on my crotch. My hand was supposed to be on the table at the side, but strangely I had another hand that went down there and grabbed this thing. I thought it was her toe, but then I also felt like she wasn’t the one doing it. I felt violated. It did not feel right. It felt wrong. I did not feel fear, rather this anxiousness to flight, to get out, to say no, and resist. The pressure was strong like something was trying to get in. I started to call for help. I said, in the name of the lord I call for assistance, angel be here now. After a while, I shorten it to, in the name of the lord I call for assistance. I tried to verbalize as if I know that was how I am going to get out of the trance. I managed to and when I did, the pressure was wrong. But I wasn’t fully awake yet, and would feel myself going back into a state where I can’t move. I had the feeling I shouldn’t let this go on, I need to wake up.

What truly shook me to the core was scene three. I questioned myself what made me think it was not an OBE or astral projection? Can I just say I know, I feel it. The first thing that came to mind when I woke up was an attempt possession. By who? Why? Apparently I don’t have the answer. I just know that when I woke up that was the first thing I thought of. The fresh feeling of the experience felt like something was trying to push me, and enter. I felt violated by that thing on my crotch and the intense feeling to resist, to say no. I wasn’t afraid, and I know I couldn’t do it alone. What surprise me the most is what I said. I am not religious or a Christian. So my question is, in whose name did I call? What am I referring to when I said, in the name of the lord? What I would want to say instead of that line is, by universal law, you will stop and tell me who you are.

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Definitely sounds and feel like an entity transference and possesion and of all places, they can transfer their consciousness into your scrotum as a way of trying to be transferred to a child yet to be born. This is gets really freaky and deep.

This reminds me of the man who had an ultrasound and there was an alien like face in there... Anyway, your impulse to say "Lord" for help is obviously an ancestral memory that has proven to bring forth results by speaking the said name... When it's all said and done, it all boils down to intent -- you got help and in the nick of time too ;)


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this reminded me of an ultrasound of an unborn baby and on the top right you see a demonic looking figure looking over it.

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