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Andrew Eblen
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This is one of the rules of life and it's one of the things that separates successful people from frustrated people getting nowhere and wondering why. Before you start listing the excuses and reasons you are poor, realize this is not negotiable. Its part of the way things work and those who don't do this are hurting themselves.

Watch this important video

I was there. I was down to my last dollar wondering how I was going to make it another week or month. I lost everything many times over. There was one time where I totally gave up and walked into the desert naked not caring if I survived. I totally gave up. I didn't want to exist just to pay bills and scratch my way through life for a meager existence full of stress and frustration. I was in survival mode, holding on to every dollar and scratching and begging... it was pitiful. I wanted people to feel sorry for me and I was hoping for handouts. I wanted someone to save me. My health declined and my relationships crumbled. It just got worse and worse and all my situation did was scare others away. Sound familiar? Everyone goes through it at some point in their journey. It's mandatory education.


What I didn't realize is I was going about it all wrong. It was "poor me"... it was all about me. I wanted others to notice my pitiful situation and help. Ironically, this is when people are the most stubborn and their vision becomes too narrow and they refuse to accept the help they need the most. And what is that help? That they need to pull themselves out of the situation themselves. And one of the important foundational steps for doing that is the LAST thing these stubborn people would ever consider- ...to use their last penny and help others.


It seems so counterintuitive. We think we are dooming ourselves by giving instead of receiving. What people don't realize is they need to give in order to receive. That's just the way it works. It would take me an entire book to explain exactly why it works this way, but it does... and it's actually elegant programming, my kudos to whoever programmed this amazing system we are in. It's actually the only way life can continue. If everyone was just in it for themselves, this whole world would stop functioning pretty quick. Believe it or not, even nasty bastards have to give something in order to thrive. It may piss you off they aren't helping YOU, but they all do something secretly. This is NOT like taxes. First it doesn't tax you, it helps you, and the big difference between this and taxes is YOU decide what, who and where to help. YOU are in charge. YOU decide who needs help the most. You are free to decide, and this freedom ushers in a greater freedom once you start giving... a doorway to a more fulfilling and prosperous life.


You don't need to know how or why it works- just that it does. Just like you don't really know how a car engine works- you just put in the fuel, turn the key and it takes you where you want to go. Well my friends, Giving 10 percent is part of the FUEL that gets you ahead in life! You don't need to know why, just that it works. It might be a little rough at first as the rusty gears start turning, but pretty soon you'll be amazed at the miracles that start coming your way. Giving ATTRACTS good things to you, whereas being needy and feeling sorry for yourself pushes stuff away.


Whiners lose. Fighters win. Especially those who fight with love in their hearts.


This is a powerful secret all successful people know. As strange as it sounds, it is what will help pull you out of poverty. I wrote a chapter about it in my book The Prosperity Secret. Read that book and also my pocketbook "Instructions for a New Life", which was originally written for prison inmates to help them start a new life when they got released back into the world and had no idea where to start and had no help from anyone. The same applies to everyone else in the world who feel stuck in their own prison- a money prison, relationship prison or health prison. Start walking in the right direction. I wrote the manuals to get you where you belong in life.


Start now.


Even if you have just a penny to give. Or a hug, or some words of encouragement to someone who needs it.

Do it without expecting anything in return. Start being selfless, and watch what happens. Just watch!


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Site Owner
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Sound and solid advice... Words of wisdom that I have lived by even before anyone actually articulated in such a great way! 


“Keep it growing and flowing”

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